BandR&BHip Hop

It’s been said that were like "THE FEMALE VERSION OF OUTKAST"! We "DARE 2 B DIPHERENT" better yet, we dare to be ourselves! The music is unclassifiable, Undeniable, and were soon to be an industry Phenomenon! "DARE 2 B DIPHERENT" K*STAR** WILL RESURECT THE FEMALE GAME!


In a world that listens to music based upon image and not sound- emerges the latest "legends in the making". Two female artists who epitomize real music. KHAOS** and KAHLEE**, collectively known as K*STAR**, are in a class all by themselves. Combining today's fly appeal with yesterday's soul and hip-hop, together they are shaking the industry's perception on what the people really want- real music and real artists. KHAOS** and KAHLEE** both dedicated themselves to the production of the DIPHERENT STROKES album. A&R'd by the team, executive produced, marketed and distributed under Khaos' indie label simply called KSTARMUZIC. KHAOS** produced the tracks for "AND YOU KNOW", "FOREVER" AND "ENJOY" and recorded the entire album at "STAR*BAR* STUDIOS" owned and operated by herself. Both members of K*STAR** were seasoned and undeniably talented solo artists, but after recording 1 hit "AND U KNOW", they decided to join forces and create a full project. Now after a few months of ideas and hard work alas it's come together as the highly anticipated DIPHERENT STROKES. This project is a collaboration of great music and a message. The music is self-explanatory, but the message is for everyone who doesn't feel they have to be a part of the status quo and follow the industry's perception of what female artist should be.

Set List

We play a variety of sets according to were were playing and what we feel the crowd will truly enjoy. The albulm is called DIPHERENT STROKES simply because we have something for every and everybody.
Now that we play with a band, we tend to do whatever moves us, or our fans for that matter. We love covers as we believe it pays homage to our greats! Our crowds are diverse so we keep our sets the same way.