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The best kept secret in music


"“A Dark...Heavy...Majestic Sound!”"

Reviewed by: Torch
KTD play a style of Melodic Rock that's a bit hard to explain. In some respects their AOR, but with a darker, heavier more majestic sound. They use a lot of modern elements throughout the album without straying drastically from the late 70's and 80's song structure. Steve Sera's vocals separate the sound from all the Nickelback and Creed clones. Overall, I really love what they're doing, they're creating a new sound without straying from the old school Melodic Rock. We need bands like this to break the mold and by doing what they're doing, hopefully they're creating a new fan base for Melodic-based Hard Rock.
They play with guts; proud of their musical roots.
- Rock and Hard Place- US Midwest

""Deep, Dark Rock!""

Reviewed by: L.A. Deep
Deep. We’ve got lots of thought put into this dark rock music. I’m absolutely loving the guitars and the lyrics. Drummer’s got a heavy groove, bass player’s laying back, and the other two members play guitars, keys, sitar, synthesizer, percussion, and more. I’m loving the first song name of "Room To Breathe" but the second one "The Bed I Made" has some fantastic guitar playing, more deep chording and powerful lyrics and some vocal harmonies on the chorus. This is a really good band with a distinctive sound and great songs. Is it radio pop? No, it won’t make that kind of dough for the labels. What it does have is integrity. Other titles: "Bleed," "Living In Sin," and "Shake The Cage." I’m a fan. Two thumbs up for the grooves, the licks, the surprises, and the lead vocalist(s?)
- Soundcheck Magazine, New England

""Maximum Aural Pleasure"!"

KTD offers up a dreamy musical performance on their new 8-song CD TERRITORY that borders on the makings of a rock opera. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Steve Sera is the driving force behind this articulate project that features layer upon layer of complex instrumentation, vocal imagery and studio effects. Bandmates Benny Fiorentino on guitars, keys, sitar, electronics along with drummer Mike Lamm and bassist Danny Callan weave tight arrangements for Sera’s near-Gothic sounds. No one song stands out more than another, as this concept album must be experienced in its entirety to gain maximum aural pleasure. Good Stuff! - Metronome Magazine- New England

"“Balls Out...Rock hard and heavy!”"

They play a hook heavy blend of classic rock and modern melodic hard rock. The first four cuts on their new record "Territory" contain the most pop oriented songs while the final four cuts break the balls out and rock hard and heavy. The production is awesome! Crystal clear! Layered vocals, killer production tricks, and they leave room to breathe, which allows the songs a 3 dimensional quality that breaks from the normal 4-piece rock band sound. The album treads some familiar waters but they do it with style and can easily claim their own sound. The vocals are great, talented singing all the way through. Great guitar colors and solos. Supreme production and a great rhythm section. - RevelationZ Magazine-Europe

"“This CD visits rock songwriting at its best”!"

Territory, is a welcome punch of reminiscence, tempered with time. Flavors of Aerosmith, with Kiss-like framing, weave into the songs. Steve Sera's vocals are as strong and clear as ever, and the 8-track CD visits rock songwriting at its best - with a moderate start that eventually explodes into the kind of electric blending expected from a band of this caliber. Instrumentation is balanced, filled with hot riffs and cool downs in all the right places.
- New England Entertainment Digest

"“Blistering Guitar”!"

Boston based KTD infuses elements of the BEATLES, ALICE COOPER, JAMES GANG and LED ZEPPELIN with some good old fashioned blistering guitar to create an edgy pop/rock sound that’s all their own. 8 catchy cuts featuring "THE BED I MADE. "FLY" and SHAKE THE CAGE".
- Stubble Musiczine- New Engalnd

"“Highly Recomended!”"

Chunk riffs and 80's grooves not unlike XYZ and Dokken are prevalent here. "Shake The Cage" reminds me of late 80s KISS (especially the harder edged Gene tunes). "Bleed" has XYZ all over it and "Fly" is one of the standout tracks. "Here and Now" has some anthemic choruses and a Led Zep-ish riff. All in all this album represents an old school approach which I feel works well for these guys. - Heavy Harmonies- Australia

"“All fans of hard rock must check out this band”!"

Here we present the latest full-length album from KTD, a hard rock band from United States. This album has eight good songs generally. I think this release splits in two pieces. I mean, the first three songs are a little bit slow and mid tempo, and from the fourth song "Here and Now", the band starts to rock with many groovy elements. So when you to listen this album you must listen to it carefully. The production is good and the sound is too. All the fans of hard rock in the early 70ies and 80ies must check this band. - Metal Domination- Europe

"“Ripping Guitars and contagious chorus'”!"

PLANETA ROCK Buenos Aires Argentina ´70’s and ´80’s rock, North Americans KTD, from Boston, have sent us Territory, it is a mixture of styles and similarities to the greatest groups of Hard Rock, Glam and Hair Metal from that era. Influenced by Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Motorhead and Stone Temple Pilots. Room to Breathe opens the CD, and is perhaps the most ambitious song, a Pink Floyd atmosphere and legendary symphonic keyboards typical of the English bands. The second song,The Bed I Made, follows in the footpaths of the album. A little Santana guitar, Latin influenced. Here and Now is a welcome hard rocker with some Zeppelin- Arab sounds reminding me of Kashmir or perhaps Rainbow. Shake the Cage perhaps is the most glam-type song on the disc with ripping guitars and a contagious chorus bringing back the best style of the ´80’s. Down the same path are the songs Shine and Bleed, although the melodies are darker, a little like Pearl Jam or STP. This CD is really a very good work.
- Planeta Rock- South America

""Slash, Schenker, UFO, Velvet Revolver..it's all here"!"

As the melodic rock band Axminster, they played on the stage with Extreme, Twisted Sister, Molly Hatchet and Lita Ford in the long-haired eighties. Axminster didn’t survive the grunge revolution. Ktd is not only the reborn band, it’s also a new point of view, a new philosophy; more mature, more thoughtful, deeper… Fans compare their new effort with the classic rock, that reminds of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Dream Theater. It’s good old rock’n’roll! You may call it melodic rock, but I’d label it as a hard rock with the melodic inputs a la the eighties. It’s coming into the limelight again; so this album hits the time. The verified melodic lines, the laborious arrangement, the hard rock vocals and the guitar voyages a la Michael Schenker and Slash (yes, all in all “Territory” has something in common with “In Trance” of Scorpions, UFO’s “Obsession” and the new “Contraband” of Velvet Revolver) – it’s all makes this cd a titbit for the music fans. (Julie) - Rock-E-Zine- The Netherlands


Axminster-Axminster (1999)
Produced by: Hirsh Gardner

KTD / TERRITORY (2003-2004)
Produced by: ktd
Available at www.cdbaby.com/ktd

The band is busy working on new songs and new material.
Here are what some magazines, webzines and radio stations from around the world are saying about our ktd CD TERRITORY.....
MEDDOZAROCK a magazine from Switzerland translates "Guns and Roses, appetite for destruction era.. KTD is a band with potential and you can hear that on every song on this record".
THE BOX 101 a 100,000-watt powerhouse rock station and ROCK AND HARD PLACE MAGAZINE from the mid-west blasts "A Dark, Heavy and Majestic sound. We need bands like this to break the mold, creating a new base for melodic rock fans."
SOUNDCHECK MAGAZINE praises "This is a really good band with a distinctive sound and great songs".
ADRENALIN 'ZINE of Europe reviews "I love their attitude. The guitars are above and beyond, fantastic! Mid-tempo, melodic and transcending."
REVELATION Z from Germany writes, "They play a hook heavy blend of modern hard rock. The production is awesome!"
KTD in Print...NEW ENGLAND ENTERTAINMENT DIGEST writes, "TERRITORY is a welcome punch of reminiscence. Filled with hot riffs and cool downs in all the right places the CD EXPLODES into the kind of electric blending expected from a band of this caliber".
STUBBLE MUSICZINE says "KTD infuses elements of the BEATLES, ALICE COOPER, JAMES GANG and LED ZEPPELIN with some good old fashioned blistering guitar to create an edgy pop/rock sound that's all their own".
To read complete reviews from more of the magazines writing great things about us, go to our site at CD Baby and scroll to the bottom of the page.
WAAF has played the song HERE AND NOW on their station. Request us on WAAF's Baystate Rock Show, which airs each and every Sunday night on WAAF. Tell Carmelita we told you to call. WHJY in Providence, RI is STILL playing HERE AND NOW. Listen to Soundcheck on WHJY and tell "Big Jim" to spin a few more tracks!
Pulverradio, Spiderbite Radio- both are internet radio stations- are also playing ktd.


Feeling a bit camera shy


It all started many decibels or is it jezebels?… and a few moons ago when we played in another cool Boston band. We had airplay, a few regional hits, headlined clubs, got great reviews and did gigs with bands like Metallica, Extreme, Twisted Sister, Molly Hatchet, Foghat and Lita Ford. We played everywhere they let us! By the early 90’s melodic rock was all but banished from the airwaves in favor of the Seattle sound and after a grueling tour and showcases for all the major labels Axminster went on hiatus.

The millenium came, and an independent record label based in New York City, got a hold of the Axminster master tapes, signed the band and released a CD that spanned the group's recording career. At an outdoor concert, before hundreds of fans, the band played a reunion show. The response was so overwhelming that the nearly original roster of Steve Sera, Mike Lamm, Benny Fiorentino & Danny Callan decided reform the group. Yes, the band was back together.

Although the group had a successful track record, “We wanted to try some new musical ideas. We didn’t want to rehash what we did in the 80’s.” Notes Fiorentino. “We called ourselves Kick the Dog, a sort of wake-up call for us to get it going again.”

“KTD is a metaphor for breaking free of the grind. We jammed and wrote songs that reflect where we are now as people and as musicians, this dog still has a few new tricks, just needed some room to run” states Sera.

KTD recorded and released a CD that gave us the space. TERRITORY on Hydrant Records explores new ground for the band, a musical departure. Alternate tunings for alternate egos. It’s a new crack in the old fault. KTD added Dave Q, to the band, mixing in his unique brand of piano, synthesizer and keyboard licks to get that full arena sound and to expand the boundaries.
Songs off the CD are getting airplay and both regional and international magazines and webzines have been raving about the “new” band.

"We marked our spot, this is the music we like". Says drummer and vocalist Mike Lamm. KTD is guitar driven rock and roll, with no apologies for the roots from which it came. Fans of vintage and modern hard rock love this band.

So here we are, and here it is. We’re still making music, playing for anyone, anywhere they want to hear our songs. We had a blast in the past and we have the scrapbook, battle scars and the road kill to prove it! But more importantly, it rocks, we like playing together and we look forward to making music in the future!