we are a new band, who isnt bad and is looking for gigs, we love electronica music and look forward to playing at any and all gigs available to us


Grayson and Rickey have been best friends since the first grade. After a few (metal) bands around school started forming, we felt it necessary to start our own band. We dont particularly care for metal music, so we decided to make it an electronica/techno band with influences like Daft Punk, Basshunter, and Justice. We are sophomores in high school and our skills are somewhat well developed and we get better at what we do every day. We do most of our music on the computer using Garageband and FruityLoops Studio. Our friends and strangers alike seem to like our music a lot based on the comments we get on myspace (http://myspace.com/kaythxbaii).


We have a myspace

Set List

JaJa - 2:18
Boom Headshot - 1:58
Pish Posh - 2:31
Alt Ctrl Delete - 2:31

we should have a few more songs this weekend

and we only do original music