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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Indie




"Sound of Now- Sex"

Latest single ‘Sex’ by the wonderful trio Kingkween is truly splendid.

In their latest single ‘Sex’, the highly gifted trio Kingkween showcase to us just why they are the band to follow in the world of music with an authentic energy and a truly addicting vibe that will keep with you for weeks and months to come. With this song released, we are sure to hear more great things from this amazing trio known as, Kingkween. - Sound of Now

"Given To Rock (It. Language)"

L'indie alt-rock trio Kingkween è una collaborazione tra la frontwoman powerhouse KT Mulholland, il leggendario produttore e scrittore Hitz e il batterista - acclamato a livello internazionale - Rob Steadman.

Unendo synth electro-pop con ritmi rock intelligenti e armonie che scuotono l'anima, questo gruppo ha un suono pomposo e glamour. Seguendo il successo del loro ultimo album, "Wild One" (* KT Mulholland), non perdete l' uscita dei Kingkween verso fine estate. - Given to Rock

"Music Industry News Network"

In this era when music compositions based on a single genre has taken a backseat while mixed musical notes from different genres have become the latest new trend, many talented artists have used their innovative and imaginative power to amalgamate genres and create original and unique soundtracks. KingKween is a group of three extraordinary musicians who come from different parts of the world who blend together to create some amazing ballads of harmonies. Based in New York City, KingKween has recently released a single, ‘Sex’, from their debut EP, Future Past, which is all set to make marks in the musical world.

The song, ‘Sex’ isn’t exactly what anyone would infer from its name. There is nothing relating to vulgarity or open flamboyance. The lyrics of the song are rather simple and give no sexually explicit content or word that could seem unethical to sing or hear. The song is just like the nature of the band, a complete energy packed and jovial composition that could uplift the most sullen heart to live and rejoice again. Sung by the extremely versatile KT Mulholland and written by the legendary writer, Hitz, this song is a courageous effort to pull a melody that is not only implants energy into the listener but teaches them to live their life completely.

The track begins with a smooth chiming section before Rob Steadman, the internationally acclaimed drummer, comes onto the scene with his vibrant pulsating drum beats. The prelude is rather slow with a frequent upbeat but gradually wraps the songs and unbuckles into a world that has nothing but life entrapped into this one solo number. Filled with extreme enthusiasm and zeal, this single is one of the best creations by the band after their first released LP ‘Wild One’. With well-synchronized dance beats, shimmering electronica, and rock splashes, the single keeps the authentic musical rhythm with the indie pop and alternative rock notes yet brings out a unique sound of its own that is equally appealing and enjoyable.

Being a proficient producer of the album, Hitz has taken every possible effort to maintain the sound quality of this audio file. Clear and contrasting sound texture makes the song more relatable and absolutely mesmerizing. Gripping vocal modulations by Mulholland and an enchanting performance by the trio will surely keep anyone glued to the song for much longer after the song has subsided. Finely tuned and digitally well-modulated, ‘Sex’ very well keeps the authentic rock culture in its basic theme and instrumental symphonies. Appropriate for the party hoppers and late night music lovers this song could be one of the best choices for one's next celebration.

Kingkween is a real gem when it comes to composing fusion musical rhythm. They craft music in their hearts before they move ahead to record them in the studio. Thus, their music always has the touch to feel that rhythm the heart and soul. This track, Sex, is one of the brightest gems from their present collection in their upcoming EP, Future Past which is sure to give its audience many more mesmerizing tracks to cherish for years to come. - Music Industry News Network

"The Fresh Committee"

Fresh off the release of their latest project, Future Past, Indie alt-rock trio kingkween is back with their latest release “Sex” off the album. Combining forces, KT Mulholland, Hitz, and Rob Steadman, make up the alt-rock trio that describes themselves as equal parts grit and glamour. Sex is a smooth record that is sure to keep listeners engaged from the second they press play. - The Fresh Committee

"The Bandcamp Diaries"

Kingkween is back with a new album, “Future Past”, featuring many exciting tracks, including an outstanding single named “Sex”.

The vintage synth in this single brings a retro atmospheric tonality that has a really infectious vibe. In addition to that, the lead vocalist has a cool Stevie Nicks vibe, with a more sensual and flirtatious edge. Kingkween almost sounds like the musical possibility of Fleetwood Mac exploring the 80s new wave scene…maybe this is what they would have done!

I love how this track really embodies the distinctive sound of the decade of new wave. Although the tone is laced with cool retro aesthetics, it is also reminiscent of contemporary artists such as Tennis, The Preatures, and Angel Olsen.

The sensual repetition of “I’ve been waiting for your all night”, which has a gradual and climatic build, immediately gets your body moving and heart pumping. It’s impossible to listen to this track without turning up the volume and dancing in front of the speakers. This classic dance number would be perfect in an 80’s discothèques setting, alight with a glittery disco ball.

With the increasing popularity of retro TV shows, I can imagine this song being featured in a soundtrack for a serial such as Stranger Things, The Americans, and Glow. - The Bandcamp Diaries

"Skope Magazine"

“Sex”, the succinctly titled new single from New York City based indie alt-pop trio kingkween, builds on the considerable success experienced by the last single “Wild One” and points the way to the outfit’s bright future. kingkween was initially conceived in 2011 by collaborators lead vocalist KT Mulholland and producer/musician Captain Hitz. Drummer Rob Steadman joined them after the release of kingkween’s debut EP A La Carte and his presence transformed the project’s sound in a fundamental way. kingkween brings rock rhythms together with a strong independent music ethos fully divorced from the remnants of major labels and anything resembling Top 40 pabulum, but their earlier work and new single alike are accessible to anyone willing to give their music a chance. There’s a clear intention to entertain listeners with their imaginative sound and musical attack, but there’s a darker side to the trio’s music as well far outstripping shallower and lackluster efforts from other performers working in this vein.

Some of the aforementioned seriousness of intent is reflected in the song’s length. Despite a nearly five minute running time, there’s never any sense of the trio overreaching and listeners will be pleased with the song’s obvious abundance. Rob Steadman’s drumming sets a consistent pulse for the song without ever trying to dominate and drops some discreet, simple fills into the song providing an extra blast of urgency at key points. Mulholland’s voice has a pleading, yearning quality that’s impossible to ignore and male backing vocals, much more buried in the mix, nicely strengthen her efforts without ever calling too much attention to themselves. Mulholland especially distinguishes herself during the song’s chorus and serves up some playful scatting near the song’s conclusion.

The juxtaposition of Rob Steadman’s live drums against the electronic aspects of the song is quite successful and his drumming shapes the song in a way it would lack with digitized or sampled percussion. kingkween’s approach to electronica is refreshingly tasteful. Instead of layering the song with sheets of synthesizer lines, Mulholland and her collaborators opt for a more atmospheric and suggestive slant emphasizing color instead of simply overwhelming listeners. The nearly five minute running time never seems so long because the trio draws you into the song from the first and hold your attention throughout. kingkween’s first full length album is due soon and, if “Sex” is a preview of what’s to come, we are in store for an impressive musical statement from this talented trio. - Skope Magazine

"Dancing About Architecture"

Kingkween is a band who skirt the fringes of many different genres, deftly dancing around the borders of established sonic demarcations but never fully committing to any one, instead preferring to take a bit of everything that they find and use those various threads to weave wonderfully original music from. Genres are out of fashion anyway and such a magpie approach has got to be much more fun than merely sticking to the rules and following in the footsteps of what has gone before.

Right from the first notes, the chiming introduction which slowly warps and buckles, the band signals that this is more about strangeness and non-conformity than doing as you are told. It then proceeds to mix cinematic synth washes with dance beats, shimmering electronica with just enough rock urgency to take this beyond the usual expectations of the dance fraternity but neither does it pander to the rigidity of the alt-rock scene or the play the indie game. Fluidity is the name of the game.

This is music on the fringes, music that is on nodding terms with many genres but which is happier inventing its own labels, or better still doing away with such old school journalistic notions altogether. If ever there was a time to stop analyzing the music and just letting it get under your skin, that time is now. Or, if you will allow me just one obvious cliche…shut up and dance! - Dancing About Architecture

"The Faulkner Review"

Kingkween are an indie alt-pop trio who are based are based in New York City, but individually hail from different parts of the globe. They consist of frontwoman KT Mulholland, writer/producer Hitz and acclaimed drummer Rob Steadman, formerly of the successful folk group Stornoway. Rob joined the group after the release of their 2016 album Wild One. The title track from this album was very successful on radio, garnering huge amounts of airplay.

This track, Sex, highlights their yin/yang approach, and like Blondie in the late 70’s, they combine pop nous with an edgy lyrical style. It starts by letting the music set the mood, icy synths supporting wiry low end guitar that recalls Carlos Alomar, who played with Bowie in the 70’s. Then KT Mulholland’s throaty, passionate vocals take centre stage, adding to the sensuality of the sound that the title demands.

Lyrically, it captures the longing of sexual desire in a way that transcends the clichés of this well explored subject, as exemplified on the addictively catchy chorus hook: “I’ve been waiting for you all night, all night….”. Mulholland steals the show with her dynamic, compelling vocal performance but special credit should go to Hitz for the slick, cutting-edge modern production.

Overall, this is a sassy and sexy piece of alternative pop that exudes cool and swaggers with style. KT Mulholland is the kind of charismatic front woman that doesn’t come along too often, and her bandmates provide the perfect musical backdrop. It’s a song that will work well on radio, and should provide some great times on the dancefloor. The perfect soundtrack to a sultry summer, and this group have everything it takes to go huge. - The Faulkner Review

"Warlock Asylum"

Sex by Kingkween Is The Best!

Kingkween has expanded their repertoire of musical expertise with the release of the single Sex. Comprised of group members Katie Mulholland (lead vocalist), Captain Hitz (keyboards, vocals), and Rob Steadman (drums, vocals), Kingkween’s uncompromising sound is refreshingly contagious and inspirational. The New York City-based alternative pop band takes no shorts in the perfection and craftsmanship of their melodious gift, each member being a veteran in their role while nurturing a new beginning as a trio.

Sex is a robust tune off of Kingkween’s tantalizing Future Past album. The song has a moving rhythm that flirts with elements of electro-funk while still remaining rooted in the landscape of alternative rock. If you’ve never heard Katie Mulholland’s voice before then you’re in for a real treat as her performance in the song is the bridge that puts Sex in the hands of Kingkween’s audience. With Captain Hitz and Rob Steadman at the helm of the track’s instrumentation, it couldn’t get any better than this. Thankfully, Sex by Kingkween is all that it can be and so much more! - Warlock Asylum

"Kingkween by Mark Ashe"

It’s hard to know what to expect when you go to see KingKween live- their full, high energy sound seems unlikely to come out of a three piece indie band, and their ability to deliver on stage is a welcome surprise! This was the general sentiment when they took the stage at Arlene’s Grocery last Friday, a rare intimate treat on the heels of their debut at Bowery Ballroom in May. They kicked the show off with a brand new track, Give a Little, immediately setting the stage for a high energy dance party with just the right amount of attitude.

Frontwoman KT Mulholland’s unusually powerful vocals pair perfectly with producer Hitz’ masterful combo of synth and vocoder, letting us know right out of the gate this band is more than your average trio.

Full gallery of photos of this show here.

With their new single “Want Want Want,” they kicked it into high gear as drummer Rob Steadman playfully mixed driving rock beats with creatively re-imagined soul and disco to emerge with a seamless sound that is entirely his own. As the show progressed, Mulholland solidified her role as much more than a singer, incorporating various percussion instruments and electric guitar into her signature dance-heavy vocal performance.

The whole band pulls double duty, as Hitz and Steadman chime in with harmonized vocals that are a step above your average “oohs” and “ahs.” Moving into new-music territory, Mulholland showered a gleeful crowd in bubbles as they played live renditions of the soon to be released “Liquid Gold” and “Sex,” before closing the show with their unstoppably powerful newest track, “Lovers of Today.”

The only major disappointment of this performance was that the group was cut a bit short, rushing off the stage to make room for the next act while their fans chanted for “one more song.” We’ll just have to wait for their next show- August 24th at the Bitter End- to get it. But with a singing drummer playing both acoustic and electric sets, a singer whose voice seems to come out of her soul instead of her mouth, and a producer playing more keyboards than seems possible with only two hands- it’s well worth the wait! - Live Music News and Review


7/05/19 "Future Past" (EP)

Track List: 
1) Sex in E Flat
2) Want Want Want 
3) Liquid Gold
4) Lovers of Today 
5) Save Ourselves 

2/17/19 "Lovers of Today" (Single) 

8/10/17 "Give a Little" (Single)

2/02/16 "Wild One" by KT Mulholland (LP)

Track List:
1) Come Through
2) I Lie to Myself
3) I'll Be
4) Hello
5) Monkey
6) Save Ourselves
7) Wild One
8) Puddle in the Dirt
9) Hunted
10) No Words
11) Turn It Up
12) Hunted
13) Playing for the Winning Team

10/16/15 "A La Carte" by KT Mulholland (EP)
Track List:
1) Little Something
2) Coming Up Around the Bend
3) Pack Your Bags
4) King and I
5) Addiction
6) Only You

8/20/12 "Patchwork Soldier" by KT Mulholland (EP)
1) Bad Habit
2) Animal
3) Better
4) More
5) Push



Indie alt-rock group kingkween is a collaboration between powerhouse front woman KT Mulholland, legendary writer/producer Hitz, internationally-acclaimed drummer Rob Steadman, and Berklee grad guitar genius Nadav Post. Fusing electro-pop synth with clever rock rhythms and soul-shaking harmonies, this group is equal parts grit and glamour. The band’s much awaited EP "Future Past" was released 07/05/2019 to a sold out crowd at NYC’s Bowery Electric. “Future Past” has already been licensed for sync use by over 15 mainstream television programs across networks such as Discovery, the Oprah Winfrey Network, E! Network, MTV and more. They have played in many of NYC's most iconic venues, including Gramercy Theatre, The Bowery Ballroom, The Bitter End, Knitting Factory, and many more.


"The perfect soundtrack to a sultry summer, and this group have everything it takes to go huge."

"...a sassy and sexy piece of alternative pop that exudes cool and swaggers with style." 

"Kingkween’s approach to electronica is refreshingly tasteful."

"KT Mulholland is the kind of charismatic front woman that doesn’t come along too often."

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