BandHip Hop

A true southern lyricist bubbling with confidence, sex appeal and subject matter that has the south eager with anticipation for his next move


From the first time he picked up his very first instrument in the 6th Grade, the trumpet, K.T. has been one a collision course with the music industry. Born and raised in Hallandale, FL, K.T. has quietly become on of the hottest unsigned artist making a name for himself on the underground circuit. He began his road to stardom over 4 years ago while in the military. There, he and some friends created a song for their own personal enjoyment. After listening to several of his friends give him praise for his lyrical ability, K.T. started to take the idea of becoming a rapper a little more seriously. He didn’t return to the studio until June of 2006 when he first arrived in Tallahassee, FL. At this point, he added the title of producer to his resume and has produced tracks for varies local acts. K.T. offers a versatility that very few artists can claim to have. He blends the highs and lows of the streets in his music and delivers a confident, realistic lyrical performance that gives fans a sense that they’ve known K.T. their whole lives. Along with productions inspired by the likes of Mannie Fresh and Jazze Pha, K.T. is truly a rising star in the rap game and a perennial threat to all of those who stand in the way of his destiny.


"Welcome 2 Tha K.T. Show" - Sept. 8, 2009

Set List

"Cake" - 4:30
"I Love That" - 2:23
"Troubles of the World (High)" - 4:50