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This music is God's word in lyrical form, addictive and contagious..hot music without compromise.


Long before Samuel Russell's(k.TWO's) ministry was concieved, it was already spoken of. His pastor, District Elder K.R. Woods spoke into his life saying "you have a word for the nation," and that word has come true. In 2005, Russell began to write songs, and minister in his local Bay Area, Ca at various events. In 2006, he signed with Inner Court Entertainment, and began to record his first EP. In August of that same year, he released the So What EP to a packed house in Berkeley, Ca. So What, quickly became the Bay Area anthem, allowing young people to represent their faith with confidence, and tell the world "so what" that I'm Christian! Also, as a producer he began Samtrackz Productions, and put on live concerts in 2006 and 2007-"Samtrackz Unplugged"-featuring artists he's worked with.

In April of 2008, he released the long awaited full length album, "Religion or Relationship" which has reached fans from Los Angeles to New Jersey. Currently, he's beginning work on a third album, featuring, "Daughter" and 'More Than Words." Also, he's collaborating with a lot hot gospel artists from California to keep the message of Christ moving strong.

The wonderful part of Holy Hip-Hop, is that it's more than just music, it's a ministry. k.TWO currently is the facilitator for the High School students at his church, Covenant Worship Center in Berkeley, Ca. The music means nothing if the lifestyle behind it is empty. Samuel's mission is to help youth cultivate a true love relationship with Jesus Christ. One that isn't predicated on their parents belief, or out of fear of hell, but one that is driven by an undying passion for Christ. Truly God has blessed k.TWO to impact the nation, and the best is yet to come.


More Than Words

Written By: Samuel Russell

Verse 1

This joy that I have/ is more than words could tell
Cuz Christ got my back/ and I know he'll never fail
He cares about my prayers/ making sure that they avail
Always answers when I call/ I never get that voice mail
The best of friends one have/ never lies and keeps it real
Doesn't criticize/ when I'm sharing how I feel
He's high in supply/ of everything that I lack
If I'm ever out of place/ He puts me on track
That's what I call a friend/ down till the end
Who's loyalty's ain't based/ on the money that I spend
I'm the same with Him/ seek Him for who He is
Not just for the blessings/ and the gifts he can give
The more I talk to Him/ the more He talks to me
The more I walk with Him/ the more He walks with me
Never thought that it could be/ having love like this
More than words can explain/ His love is priceless

Verse 2

Worshippers in spirit and truth/ that's what You're after
That's why I keep it real/ save the scripts for the actors
I try to find the words/ at times it's hard to capture
Lauryn ain't the only one/ who found that x-factor
It's more than just a feeling/ 5minutes than it's gone
The love that Jesus gives/ lasts me all day long
They tell me that I'm crazy/ trusting whom I've never seen
They trying to see it through the minds/ of simple human beings
His love is far beyond/ anything that we can fathom
His thoughts are not our thoughs/ He's beyond what we imagine
The world's searching for love/ but in the wrong places
Looking everywhere/ except the place where His grace is
With true love/ comes relationship
Too often/ though we focus on what we can take and get
Christ died on the cross/ cuz 4us he was concerned
So the least we can do/ is show our love in return


He keeps me amazed
With the love He displays
I try to find the words
But it's more than they can say (x2)

Try to find the words
But it's more than they can say(x3)

More than they can say(x2)


Written By: Samuel Russell


Make up goes on/applies disguise
Loves being single/ but she hates it can't decide
Going back and forth/ from the A to the B side
Unhappy with the A/ wants to switch the B size
Figures she'll be fine/ when it's all done
Cuz she's Forever 21/ but she's already 2-5
Searching for new life/ in the arms of a new guy
It's hard to see the truth/ when you're trapped in your own lie

So days go by/ still same ol' lies
Low self-esteem/ still covered in false pride
I'm this, I'm that/ I'm me
Which you are referring to?/ Which me would that be?
False pride/ still covered by false eyes
Green, blue/ but which is you?
No love for herslf/ always aiming to please
Charm is deceitful/ and beauty it flees

Glued on lashes/ cc glasses
6inch heels touching down/ when she passes
Spending all her endz/ on her new best friends
Dooney and Burke/ keeping up with the trendz
Keeping up with her soul/ she puts that on hold
She'd rather gain the world/ with minolos on her soles
It's all just a show/ it'll never make you whole
Instead grab hold of Christ/ and never let go


Standing in the mirror of her lonely room
Unsatisfied with what she sees
God is saying you're made in the image of me
Daughter that's all you need


So What-2007
Religion or Relationship-2008
More Than Words(single)-2008

Set List

Set consists of high energy and worship with lots of audience participation. Time varies depending venue. Songs include the following:

-So What
-Late Night
-Get Low

-10-30 minutes