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"Christian rap artist k.TWO holds CD release concert"

Christian rap artist k.TWO holds CD release concert

By Aqueila M. Lewis

Christian rap artist Samuel Russell (k.TWO) hosted a CD release concert at Covenant Worship Center in Berkeley on Sunday night. Religion or Relationship is Russell’s third CD and features songs such as “Passover,” Stunna Shades” and “Got it Like That” featuring gospel recording artist, R.E.I.G.N. The goal of this album is to help young people create a love relationship with God.

Since the age of 18, Russell has pursued what he calls “truth music” or “holy hip-hop” — music that has a message. He developed his abilities at Youth Radio in Oakland, where he learned music and media literacy and later became the lead music production trainer of the Outreach Department at Youth Radio, helping youth from diverse backgrounds come together through music.

Now at age 25, he owns a production company, Samtrack Productions, produces showcases at Youth Radio and teaches youth on “Third Saturdays” at Covenant Worship Center.

His target audience, Russell says is “youth, college-age and people who have been to church and experienced the world and what it has to offer, on the fence and not sure what to do. Young people are longing for acceptance, love and stability and they want to hear music that expresses where they are as well as music that they can move and dance to.”

Russell often shares his personal testimony and journey from being a church “golden child” to becomming a “voice for the people and a listener to people’s problems and pain that is put into music.”
For his new album, k.TWO teamed up with other Bay Area gospel artists who are on the move for God such as R.E.I.G.N., Young Fiyah, Inferno and JChrist Ministries.

“Creativity is from God, and He’s not limited to it, it all came from Him,” said Pastor K.R. Woods. “It’s important that young people’s music is relevant. Hiphop is the music they are listening to now-a-days, and when you incorporate gospel music, it becomes a powerful tool. I encourage young ladies and young men to take it to the next level where it can’t be denied.

“People must realize that everybody has a part in the body of Christ. Just because you don’t have a big name, it doesn’t mean that you’re not valuable or not meant to be a gospel rapper. Follow your heart and God will lead you. Stay true to yourself and style and give back to God. Whatever God has given you, you can’t go wrong.”

- The Globe Newspaper

"New Music From k.TWO-"Daughter" feat. Matthew Mason"

Never before have I heard such rich and melodious metaphors for the struggle of young womanhood, than in that of k.TWO's new song entitled "Daughter" featuring Matthew Mason. The anthem for the state of young women with a desire for righteousness begins with a heart wrenching cry of a girl realizing her internal emotional state can no longer be hidden behind a mask of perfection. As women, our insecurities and emotional wounds are often neglected and grow burdensome, while we attempt to play the role of superwoman. Many of us are abused, mistreated, and forgotten. This abuse is just as self inflicted as it is the product of the 'world and church' today. The song so eloquently relays the message that our outward facades can never patch inward wounds. We are reminded through k.TWO's revelatory lyrics that above all things we are Christ's Daughters. Our primary role is to take advantage of all that He has to offer. It is impossible for us to do anything without complete reliance on our Father. Whether or not our biological Fathers play a physical role, our heavenly Father is yet a very present help in time of, struggle, abandonment, insecurity, abuse, neglect, burden, and burnout. Thank you k.TWO for reminding us daughters that there is always peace in our true father's arms.

- A.Campbell

"Covenant Worship Center Media Review"

k.TWO does it again with explosive lyrics that are bound to make you check your religion or relationship at least once. Featured guest rappers R.E.I.G.N and Young Fiyah, along with guitarists Quinn Walker and Steve Wyreman make this CD extra hot. Check out k.TWO's creativity with "All Over Now," "Late Night," and "Delilah." They sound like movie soundtracks. Besides the solid lyrics and creative music mixes, this CD has good dance tracks that give glory to God. Good job k.TWO!

- Janice Rutledge

"Bay Area Artist Latest Musical Track"


Samuel Russell
E-mail: samtrackz@yahoo.com

Bay Area Artist Releases Latest Musical Track
Brandelyn N. Castine

Local artist uses music to promote positive self image

OAKLAND (September 23, 2008) – Bay Area artist, Samuel Russell, better known as k.TWO, recently released his brand new single entitled “Daughter.” The track uses positive lyrics as a means to empower women and break away from the stereotypical images of women often heard in today’s music. “The purpose for the song is to help young women realize that your image should be determined by God and God alone,” says Russell. The lyrics are powerful and encouraging, reminding women to focus on their natural beauty and learn to love themselves for who and what they are. “This isn’t one of those anti make-up type of songs. I have nothing against make-up,” comments Russell. “The problem is when the make-up, or the clothes, or whatever it is consumes a person to the point where they can’t live without it, or when the totality of their self-esteem is wrapped up in it.”

At 25 years old, with wisdom beyond his years, Russell possesses a youthful ear with the ability to transform ideas into reality. His religious background and upbringing gives his music an edge that most producers, or beat-makers, don't have; musicianship. In April of this year, he released “Religion or Relationship” with hit songs such as “Get Low” featuring Bay Area artist Young Fiyah. Through catchy beats and thoughtful lyrics, this album has gone beyond the walls of the church and met the listeners right where they are. With such avenues as iTunes, myspace, live performance, and his website, Religion or Relationship has achieved great success. In addition, he started his production company Samtrackz after developing his production skills through the training of Youth Radio, a non-profit youth media outlet in Oakland, California. From there, he went on to become the lead music production trainer of the Outreach Department at Youth Radio, helping youth from diverse backgrounds come together through the unity of music.

Russell is currently working on his third full length album which will feature this new track. Daughter is already gaining a lot of popularity through the website Samtrackz.net and free download capabilities. The message of this song is being spread to a wide range of listeners. “This song is to let women across America young and old know that they don’t have to look like the magazine cover because they’ve been made in the image of God, and that’s all they need,” says Russell. “The affirmation, confidence, and reassurance that so many seek, can only be found in Him.”

For additional information or questions please contact:
Samuel Russell or visit www.samtrackz.net

- Brandelyn N. Castine


So What-2007
Religion or Relationship-2008
More Than Words(single)-2008



Long before Samuel Russell's(k.TWO's) ministry was concieved, it was already spoken of. His pastor, District Elder K.R. Woods spoke into his life saying "you have a word for the nation," and that word has come true. In 2005, Russell began to write songs, and minister in his local Bay Area, Ca at various events. In 2006, he signed with Inner Court Entertainment, and began to record his first EP. In August of that same year, he released the So What EP to a packed house in Berkeley, Ca. So What, quickly became the Bay Area anthem, allowing young people to represent their faith with confidence, and tell the world "so what" that I'm Christian! Also, as a producer he began Samtrackz Productions, and put on live concerts in 2006 and 2007-"Samtrackz Unplugged"-featuring artists he's worked with.

In April of 2008, he released the long awaited full length album, "Religion or Relationship" which has reached fans from Los Angeles to New Jersey. Currently, he's beginning work on a third album, featuring, "Daughter" and 'More Than Words." Also, he's collaborating with a lot hot gospel artists from California to keep the message of Christ moving strong.

The wonderful part of Holy Hip-Hop, is that it's more than just music, it's a ministry. k.TWO currently is the facilitator for the High School students at his church, Covenant Worship Center in Berkeley, Ca. The music means nothing if the lifestyle behind it is empty. Samuel's mission is to help youth cultivate a true love relationship with Jesus Christ. One that isn't predicated on their parents belief, or out of fear of hell, but one that is driven by an undying passion for Christ. Truly God has blessed k.TWO to impact the nation, and the best is yet to come.