Columbus, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopGospel

Kuan brings you refreshing rap lyrics with a strong gospel message. He has beats that will keep you noddin your head and lyrics that will get in and stay in your head. Definitely the real deal.


Charles Williams, a.k.a. Kuan, is a Columbus, OH native. He fell in love with hip-hop at the young age of 10yrs old. He quotes "There was always a rap/hip-hop show to check out while growing up in Buckeye City. I remember throwing on my big fake gold chain, kango hat, sweat suit and addidas kicks to go watch mc’s rock da mic! (lol)" Growing up in the church, Charles gave his life to Christ at 9 yrs old. It wasn't until his college years that he’d mature in his faith walk and come to understand that Christianity is a lifestyle and not just something ya can "turn on and off" whenever ya feel like it! It was also during these years that he would come to discover his talent as a skilled lyricist! Encouraged by a close friend, Charles joined a Christian rap ministry called T.M.A.(the Mighty Altar) "T.M.A was an outreach ministry based outta the college I went to, Crown College. Initially, I thought it was wack and refused to join the group cuz there were too many peeps involved in it and most of them didn't have much talent when it came to spittin' a 16 ya feel me?...but there were 3 cats that were pretty good. They approached me one day and asked if i'd be interested in teaming up with them and help continue the ministry cuz everybody in the group was going to be graduating soon, except for the DJ. ....I figured that would be a perfect opportunity to start fresh and play a part in something I've loved since a young-buck...hip-hop!" After entering and winning several area talent shows, T.M.A. soon found themselves being requested to perform at various church, festivals and community events! The buzz about T.M.A. caught the attention of former FabDogg Records president/founder Tobias Moran in 1997 and a record deal offer soon followed. "It was crazy man! I mean one minute I go from being hesitant of stepping out to develop my talent to the next minute when God was allowing me to be part of something that was becoming bigger than what I had ever even imagined it could become!" Along with the record deal offer from FabDogg Records, T.M.A. found themselves at a crossroads." Scott, my partner, didn't want to sign because he really didn't have any ambitions to do full-time music ministry at that point in his life. It was just more of a hobby for him. I on the other hand, had hoped to be able to do full-time music ministry, if given the opportunity." So after much consideration and discussion the rap duo parted ways in 1998, birthing the solo hip-hop minister known as Kuan! Since stepping out as a solo artist, Kuan has been able to grace the stage with gospel national recording acts such as Bleach, T-Bone, Antonious, Prime Minister, Skillet, KJ52, Fiti Futuristic, Fab Da Eclectic, The Katinas, DJ Dove(gospel gangstaz) and others! His laid back old skool vocal delivery mixed with phat club banging beatz and real-life lyrical content is sure to challenge heads from all walks of life. "I'm just a simple man with a simple message and want that message to reveal itself, not only thru my music, but more importantly in how I live my life!


"Return of Kuan" 2011 CD