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"Jazz Is Cool You Crazy Fool"

Last year we expressed the sincere wish that The Art Life could have it's own band in the grand tradition of bona fide art movements aligning themselves with cool groups.

We were thinking perhaps of the Prague Spring and the greatest band no one has ever heard of, the Plastic People of The Universe, but we'd be just as happy to settle for Downtown NYC circa 81 and No Wave hipsters DNA.

But like many of our Christmas wishes we found ouselves bereft, awaking on December 25 without so much as a CD under the tree. Imagine our immense pleasure to receive an email from Adelaide-based group Kubrick.

The band are spruiking their new album soon to be available on iTunes. Of course, long time readers would know that our page design is in fact called Kubrick For Blogger but of more relevance, the band's self titled release features the rather splendid art work of long-time linkee Deidre But-Husaim.

The band's bassist CJ Rhodes sent us a couple of MP3s to sample the band's style and we give 'em two unqualified thumbs up. The band is kind of jazz, man, kind of free, but right in the pocket.

How did they know that we keep a copy of Beneath The Underdog as our bedside reading?

Jazz is cool, you crazy fool. - The Art Life

""Kubrick's Groove""

May 16th, 2006 by Richard

No, not the Kubrick you’re thinking of…. Kubrick, in this case, are Craig Lauritsen (d), James Brown (g) and CJ Rhodes (b) - three jazz musicians from Adelaide, (that’s in Australia folks - who would’ve thought?). They’ve been working together in various combinations over the past few years, and finally gathered for a weekend on a farm to record some music, and their self-titled CD is the result.

The emphasis here is on groove, and the compositions are coolly minimal. All the instruments are played live, which is all the more impressive on a track like Dead Arm, which enters the sort of ambient/dance where normally only electronics dare to tread. And on the rhythm side, check out the opening groove on Prof. Headley Peach - a surefly sample for A Tribe Called Quest if this album had been available 15 years ago!

The most obvious reference point is probably MMW, but for me these tracks also bring to mind a fine kiwi jazz/groove band from a few years back - The New Loungehead, who released one album before the musicians (Dan Sperber, Godfrey de Grut, Chip Matthews inter alia) disappeared into multiple other projects. (Some New Loungehead live mp3s are available at amplifier.co.nz)

But back to Kubrick - “lounge” is a word that I detest attached to music in any form, but their songs work very well on a stay-indoors rainy Oxfordshire morning, finishing my tea before plunging into the day’s emails. Well worth checking out.

You can purchase via Paypal or the tracks will soon be available on iTunes.

Kubrick - Prof Headley Peach
Kubrick - Dead Arm
From S/T: Independent Release [Buy via Paypal]

[UPDATE: Buy Kubrick’s album on iTunes] - etnobofin


Sometimes I feel like the continent of Australia has their own little treasure chest of musical acts that they keep locked away in their room and don't tell anyone about.

You don't hear about bands from there all that often, I think the last famous group from down under was Midnight Oil. And look at them now. Maybe that's why they don't tell us about any of their bands. Well Kubrick is nothing like Midnight Oil.

Kubrick is a free jazz trio from Adelaide, Australia, a music scene that much like the Canadian scene we've become accustomed to the past few years, is a scene of numerous musicians alternating between various collectives and outfits, recording here, gigging there, late night jamming over there. But I've come to appreciate Kubrick more for their take on the genre, working more within an atmospheric kinda of plane rather than the typical straight jazz effects. Why be dull?

Interweaving these smooth grooves with some complex guitar noodling and the easy-does-it percussion makes for quite the fluid and soothing listen, not one that's gonna make them an immediate hit in America like Midnight Oil, but with a beloved name like Kubrick, we're not gonna ignore them for long.
- Hummer


KUBRICK - Self-titled 2006
KUBRICK - TBA Scheduled for release July 2007

The self titled album can be purchased from the itunes music store.



Kubrick combine the best of both worlds: the energy of live musicians interacting through improvisation and the aesthetic possibilites presented by technology. The band has been perfroming regularly in Adelaide since forming in 2005, releasing their debut self-titled album in early 2006. Since then they have been honing their sound - they are currently in the studio recording their second album due for release in July 2007. Recently Kubrick have been collaborating with Adam Page (saxes, loops, effects, other instruments) with an east-coast tour scheduled in July/August 2007.