radiohead and muse meet soundgarden at a queens of the stone age gig. Every song contains ups and downs gtr licks and meaningful vocals taking you on a journey each time.


At once subtle and thought provoking, Dublin based four-piece, Kudos,
combine ethereal melodic rock, with a lyrical and vocal intensity, the
like of which is simply not found among their contemporaries.
In 2004 Barnett and Fallon decided along with long term bass playing friend Kaz to form a band. after auditioning Ian Dorman they knew they were on to something exciting and not being done.
Since then they have been constantly writing, gigging and recording. After a small single release and a tour of 5 cities in the United Kingdom the band knuckled down and in October 2006 recorded their first album 'Press Play On Tape'.
They have since signed a management deal with Sonic-Eye Media and played in London for Sony, Warner and BMG to name but a few. So whether your an old friend or a new fan your definatly here at the right time as things are about to get interesting...


Born this Century independently released single in November 2005 Received national airplay on 2fm and Today fm and 3/4 stars in the Ticket(Irish Times).

Set List

5 Hundred, Blindside, 40 & 9, Some1onone, Still, Lindberg, Cross by her Chest, Born this Century, Like you Said, Dust Love. Sets normally are 45 mins but can play over an hour. NO covers.