Kuhlamity and Chuuwee

Kuhlamity and Chuuwee

 Nanuet, New York, USA
BandHip Hop


Kuhlamity and Chuuwee are two artists who are collabing to bring audiences what's been missing recently; Energy. Kuhlamity hails from Rocklan County, NY, and Chuuwee hails from Sacramento, CA.

Chuuwee is 21 years of age, and on the rise very quickly. He has recently done work on "Statik Selektah's" new album which is highly anticipated in the hip hop world. He also has worked with "Act Proof" who's on Jamla Records, which is 9th wonders label. He's on Kuhlamity's album "Center of a Tension" as well which is entirely produced by BrandUn DeShay. He's getting recognition everywhere he goes. His album/mixtape "Be Cool" is also highly praised.

Kuhlamity is an 18 year old MC who's intentions are simple, he wants to inspire. He's been recognized by Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, and BrandUn DeShay. Kuhlamity has made songs with Block McCloud, Doap Nixon (Members of Army of the Pharaohs) , as well as Chuuwee and BrandUn DeShay. His mixtape "Indulgence" was also placed on Plug in Baby's Top 10 list. He has an album being release soon which is entirely produced by BrandUn DeShay (an ex-member of OFWGKTA)


Chuuwee - Be Cool - 2011 (LP)
Chuuwee - "Post Mortem" - 2011 (Single)
Chuuwee - "Chez Chit" - 2011 (single)

Kuhlamity - Indulgence - 2011 (Mixtape)
Kuhlamity - "Grape Drank" - 2011 (single)
Kuhlamity - "Kuhlam & DeSahy" - 2011 (Single)