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Two women, One Sound. A shared breath, in a mixture of voice and throat a song emerges! Katajjak, Throat-sing!


Inspired by their ancient Inuit Culture, Nancy Ilisapi Mike (Pangnirtung/Iqaluit) and Kathleen Ivaluarjuk Merritt (Rankin Inlet) share one breath to create a mesmerizing beautiful sound called throatsinging. With years of cultural performing experience behind them, Nancy and Kathleen joined to create Kulavak; A new throatsinging duet with a mix of traditional sounds and modern music.

In Inuktitut (Inuit language), Kulavak means a hunting season during the winter when caribou are migrating as a herd, and their fur is at its thickest. Inuit used the fur for many reasons; sleeping mattresses, and winter clothing to name a few. Inuit were encouraged by the successes of the hunt every year. We like to encourage youth to learn throat-singing and keep the tradition alive, the same way Inuit were encouraged during Kulavak season! :)

Between the two, Nancy and Kathleen have been honored to share their culture and throat-singing with others around Canada, at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and overseas, including Belgium, France, New Zealand, Mexico, and India. “Whether on stage, or just walking down the street together, we never pass up the opportunity to share our passion of throat singing!�