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Public Enemy meets Brand Nubian


For almost two decades, critically acclaimed hip-hop group Vision Quest has created a distinct voice that is both diverse and provocative. So it is only fitting that an offshoot of the group would build on that model even further. Coming from Strong Island, New York, group members Bernie Williams of Vision Quest fame and Disaster Sounds (D.S.) come together with producer Diriki Mack to create some of the most mind bending and controversial hip-hop of it’s time. Being offspring of one of the most noted movements in all of music, KulchaShock is here to take hip-hop to a new level of existence.

After meeting in 1989, Bernie and Diriki started their venture into the music industry. Having worked at WBAU in Long Island on the well known show “The Hip-Hop Spot” with DJ Riz and Wildman Steve, as well as being a product from the world famous “510” studios (the home base of Public Enemy and Leaders of the New School), they have gained the experience to understand the inner workings of the business. They released their first single titled “Soul Clique” to critical acclaim in 1995. After performing on world renowned stages such as Wetlands, CBGB’s and Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom, and being reviewed by various publications including Billboard Magazine, they were hailed as “ones to watch (and listen) for!!”

From New York to Chicago and many places in between, Disaster Sounds aka D.S. is known in many circles as one of the hottest up and coming MCs. D.S. comes from a background of music and sports where his aunt and uncle were part of a Doo-Wop group who produced various recordings, and he was one of the top basketball prospects in New York. After being sidelined by injury, he was able to focus more on his passion of music. While hanging out and freestyling at a popular MC spot in Long Island, D.S. met Bernie Williams via mutual friends. Through the friends’ urging and because he realized the talent that D.S. possessed, Bee took him to meet his partner, producer Diriki Mack. While the plan was to lay down some demo tracks for Bernie and D.S., D.S. began rhyming over a beat that was unrelated to the project. The name of the rhyme was “The Violent Cloud,” which ended up being the first KulchaShock recording as well as its first single.

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"Season of Change" (album)
"Violent Cloud" (single)
"Kulchashock" (single)

VISION QUEST (available on iTunes)
"Verbal Sights" (album)
"Don't Slack" (single/music video)
"Soul Clique" (single)

Set List

Set can run 30-40 mins.
A partial song list includes:Wake Up, Kulchashock, Violent Cloud, Season of Change, Planet Shock, Power and Chariots of Fire.