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Kulture Shokk

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Hip Hop's answer to Motley Crue. The group's over-the-top lifestyle, unique sound, and intense live show has created a rabid all-ages fan base in the mid-atlantic region. With the release of "...By Any Means Necessary" in summer '07, the group looks to take their wild ride worldwide.


In an industry run amuck by a wave of brain-dead bling rap, cheeseball pop rock, and tired nu-metal, four unlikely heroes provide a breath of fresh air to revive the scene.

Formed in 2001, Kulture Shokk has made an indelible mark on the mid-atlantic region. Their unique style of “punk rap” combines the members’ collective influences, ranging from Rancid to Rakim, from Johnny Cash to Johnny Rotten. The bands musical dexterity and lyrical prowess is punctuated by an energetic live show, best described as not-so-controlled chaos.

Kulture Shokk, if nothing else, is a sundry cast of characters. Founding members B-Trip and Kegger, former college athletes whose hard-partying lifestyle and devil-may-care attitude make for a pair of new-school toxic twins, are refreshingly reminiscent of a younger Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx. The group’s newest emcee, Nite, is a more introspective character. His turbulent upbringing and relentless internal drive are the fuel for his emotional yet witty style. Turntable wizard Roc E. Wrek is the band’s one-man rhythm section. A sort of evil genius, Wrek’s years of experience, both in clubs and other bands, provide the backbone for the group.

The band was formed in late 2001, when B-Trip and Kegger bonded at a local college bar over many beers and their love for really bad karaoke. An odd couple who in each other found a musical kindred, the two auditioned a revolving door of potential bandmates before releasing their debut record, “Shokk Value” in 2004. Produced by local legend Rennie Grant (Colouring Lesson, Voodoo Blue, Mary Prankster), the group’s freshman release was warmly received in the mid-atlantic region. With a buzz created by constant regional touring and incessant DIY promotion, the record proved a success beyond the group’s expectations.

Inspired by the success of their first venture, the group plans the release of their second effort, “…By Any Means Necessary”. Produced largely by the members themselves, the new project is an eclectic, entertaining, yet more musically mature release. This versatile release ranges from emotional tracks (“Breakin’ Me Down”) to political rants (“5150”), from mosh-pit anthems (“Back It Up”) to over-the-top party jams (“No Sleep Till Rehab”). This all-encompassing juggernaut of a record is slated for a summer 2007 release.


Shokk Value (2004)

...By Any Means Necessary (2007)

Set List

Usual live set consists of some or all of the following:

Back It Up
Riot Squad
...By Any Means Necessary
Breakin' Me Down
Death Of Me
York Road Ballin'
I Wanna Be Free
Life For Me
No Sleep Till Rehab