Greeneville, Tennessee, USA

An all out assault of metal from start to finish. Influences are a blend of GodSmack, Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch! Well known for extreme, high energy live performances to satisfy the most discriminating metal head. The music and shows speak for themselves!


Kumacell was assembled back in 2002 in Greeneville Tennessee. We started out as a cover band but quickly realized after writing our 1st original song Lies that we should be concentrating on writing our own music. With word spreading like the plague about our extreme, high energy live performances, and rave reviews of our aggressive in your face music, we soon transformed from a cover band to an all original band. As the chants for our music was growing undeniably louder we soon decided that we needed to take time off to complete our 1st album Positives of Negative. With our fan base and requests for more live shows rapidly growing at such an enormous rate, we have since finished our album and are preparing to tour in support of this endeavor. Our music is a culmination of many different influences such as Pantera, Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch as can be heard and felt in our music. Our aggressive overtones and unique writing ability sets us apart from almost all other bands! We all love and are VERY passionate about our music and hope that it inspires people to question what they see in everyday life, not just to take things at face value!! See through the lies, see through the pain and demand the truth of things! We are ,,,,,,,, Kumacell !!!!


1st single recorded 2003 (Lies)
Album completed The Positives of Negative (late 2009)
Streaming radio: Nullify, Fear Consumption and Rise to Fear

Set List

(For live events: Alternate lyrics are available for songs with explicit lyrics)
(For radio airplay) clean versions are available

Rise to Fear
Blue Print
Never Free
Fear Consumption
Fallen Away
End to Begin
The River