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Kumar, afro cuban new hip hop band, will revolutionize your mind and body. Leave yourself to the experience of Kumar live: revolution is here!!


Kumar is originally from Havana, Cuba. He starts his career in 1998 writing and singing his own Hip Hop and advancing into producing Rap.

In July of 2004 along with Telmary Dias and back up from the Qvalibre band he records “No se vuleve atrás”. The song is included in the soundtrack of the movie “Habana Blues” by director Benito Zambrano . The soundtrack for the movie wins a Goya award for the best soundtrack of that year. Kumar also participates in the project with a secondary actor on the film.

In October of 2004 he is nominated for the “Premios Lucas” (Cuban video clip festival) with his song “Ves”. It features Telmary and it received 3 nominations.

In April of 2005 he collaborates with the Spanish group Ojos de Brujo and records the song “Rompe Cadenas”. The song features Roberto Carcasses (piano) and Yusa (base) and is recorded in the Abdala studios.

In May of 2005 along with X Alfonso he opens for the American rock banc “Audio Slave”, and two months later tours Italy and Spain with X Alfonso with a great turn out for the shows.

In March of 2006 he is nominated for the Cuerda Viva prizes. He wins the “Best Rap/Hip Hop Demo” and the “Audience Award” categories.

In 2007 he moves to Spain and finishes mixing his album “Película de Barrio” under the independent label Dikela Records (release in 2008). The album features the collaboration of many excellent Cuban musicians and the Spanish group Ojos de Brujo among others.


Sublevao, Caravana (in Radio chango compilation), Medio siglo in SGAE Autor compilation, Fiesta en el Palenke, ...

Set List

Lyrics, plus Dj, drummer and metal section. The live is powerful, with a strong hip hop rythm. It can last from 30 to 90 minutes, as the band has recorded 2 albums in the past, therefore the repertoire is long.