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Albums: The Take Off 747-365 and Revolutionary Love. Tracks can be streamed via myspace at myspace.com/kumihues



Music is the soundtrack to our lives quietly humming throughout our thoughts. It's the invisible presence we take in our cars everywhere we go. When words aren't enough, we use it to release our frustrations, expressing our emotions. Even when we don't take time to appreciate its importance, it lingers - in the places we go and in the commercials we watch; But for hip-hop visionaries iLL FlaVa and M.E.R.C of Kumi Hues, music is more than that, it's who they are.

Born in different places at different times, it's the duo's mutual love for music that caused their paths to cross in Tallahassee, Florida. Drawing from past musical greats, the duo holds no punches in their intergalactic musical delivery. Whether it's one of iLL-FlaVa's bass-heavy, vintage beats with the guitar blaring throughout the hook or how M.E.R.C.'s insightfully heart-felt lyrics capture the listener, it's obvious that this is not your average hip-hop group.

iLL-FLaVa, birth name, Brandon Crumbly, was born in Toledo, Ohio. As a child, iLL's appreciation for music was immediate. Surrounded by musical compositions daily, the budding musician noticed he could take the tunes he would hear, and play them back - note for note. Amazed at his new-found ability, Ill turned his talent into a job, playing for various churches and functions in his area. Still, he wanted to be more than just a musician; He wanted to be the architect of the tunes he had grown so fond of.

Meanwhile in Tallahassee, Jason Hall aka M.E.R.C was also experiencing the same musical epiphany. Preceded by Tallahassee natives T-Pain and Dead Prez's Sticman, M.E.R.C used his love for music as an outlet for his thoughts.

"Music was always something that I loved," said M.E.R.C. "I remember riding in the car with my pops trying to guess the instruments on his jazz tapes. I didn't really listen to hip-hop that much because my parents didn't. It wasn't until about the 8 th grade when I started to get into it. Even then I still would rather hear Satchmo on a 45" than anything on the top ten."
Gifted with the inate ability to grab people's attention and paint pictures out of words, M.E.R.C used his talent to offer social commentary on his surroundings and the affects of growing up black in the South. Although often compared to a Southern Mos Def or Common, M.E.R.C displays his versatility as a rapper, evident in the content of his music.
Not since Gnarls Barkley have colorful imagery, alluring lyricism and storytelling been fused so perfectly. M.E.R.C. lives up to his name and slaughters hip- hop standards with his insightful and honest lyrics, while iLL-FLaVa keeps listeners amazed with his range and creativity as a producer. With the group's distinctive and evolutionary sound, it's almost impossible not to put their album on repeat. The duo's newest release,"747-365" Kumi Hues sets in motion their ascent into greatness. "747-365" - put it on play and enjoy the ride.