KUMM is always rock - and always so much more! You can find the influences of punk – jazz – traditional balkan rhythms mixed in fantastic ways in one song.. Like journalists wrote: One of the few bands who’s able to fill all the spaces of sound!!!


"more than a little late night chit-chat"
A turkish Bandname – a romanian band – bandmembers from romania, hungary and germany – lyrics in english language – this is KUMM!
Everything started ten years ago in Cluj (Transsilvania)…
Some students of the musical university did some sessions – had the same mood and started a project which was completely new in the musical trace of Romania: KUMM!
Their first record “Moonsweat March” got the award “Best debut album of the year”.
The second CD “Confuzz” raised to the TOP 10 and remained there for a couple of month.
KUMM also created the music for some theatre productions, films and released different videos – all played on national MTV..
During an Italian Tour 2004 KUMM played with the legendary Blues Brothers Band and opened for James Brown in Milano – with an audience over 30.000 people…
”Angels and Clowns” – the 3rd KUMM-Album even was number 1 in the romanian Top10 for 19 weeks!!!
In a few years time KUMM evolved from an underground act into one of Romanias cult bands. Their tours in Italy and Germany gained them a growing European following.
"Different Parties" is their fourth studio album!



Written By: KUMM

Just a little late night chit-chat
grab a piece of your skin from the internet
like a voodoo doll I’ll be teasing your scroll
moving up and down the screen
I can see your bed
I can see your room
I can see every little bit of your bedroom
the sound of your voice in my earphone
the sound of your voice like a siren’s call
crawls up the wires
crawls up the wires
tangled in charm
pull all the plugs and slip straight into my arms
I’m gonna change
my shape and my size
and rearrange
my stereotypes
talking to you’s like talking to a wall
talking to a wall in an empty hall
give me a break with your sweet sweet smell
with your sweet sweet taste
get back in your shell
you’re gonna change
your shape and your size
and rearrange your stereotypes
blame pain sorrow and surprise
see live through your evil eye
dressed in chaos, stripped in void
I can’t escape, I can’t avoid
I’m living in your soul
Living in your head
sitting at your table
I’m tired to the life in your bedroom
I’m tired to the bed in your living room
we’re gonna change
our stereotypes
get out of range
in shape and size
blame pain sorrow and surprise
see life through your evil eye
blame your stupid game dressed up in pain and stripped in
sorrow’s gonna change and rearrange to your surprise…
just like all the rest is cursed and blessed and life
occurred to be observed
right through your evil eye..
all my life
been waiting for you
all of my midgets are dancing around you
all the time
we were never true
all of my clocks are beating inside you


Written By: KUMM

so much left to say
when a heart meets another
so many games to play
with your sisters and brothers
sitting on a backseat
I notice you shiver
I turn on the cold heat
makes your sweat run in rivers

I’ve had it all by now

so much left undone
when your blood is wasted
one life left to run
but your copy’s unpasted
stomach’s filled with hate
for the one and the only
it’s written on your face
that the end’s always lonely

I’ve had it all by now

so much left to play
when a heart beats another
so many miles away
from your friends and your lovers
writing on a dead line
I notice you shiver
drowning in the twilight
end and start….


Written By: KUMM

You’re sweet illusion
Be so kind
Distort my feelings
If you don’t mind
I’ll trade a right cause
For a second chance
For a second chance

You’re the one and only point of view
And a hand in a mirror holds a missing clue
Betray a right cause
For a better view

Dreamlike creatures follow me into reality
Sounds and shapes confusing me
Or just appear to be

I couldn’t love you more

You’re a wrong conclusion
Please be gone
Restart my feelings
And carry on
I’ll trade a right cause
For a second chance

Still the one and only fading clue
Is the eye in the mirror
And it’s missing blue
Betray a right cause
For a better view
For a better view

Dreamlike creatures follow me
Into reality
Sounds and shapes confusing me
Or just appear to be

I couldn’t love you more


Moonsweat March - CD - Soft Records 2000
Confuzz - CD - Soft Records 2002
Yellow Fever - Maxi - Cramps Records 2003
Angels and Clowns - CD - Cramps Records 2005
Different Parties - CD - Cramps Records 2006

Set List

The Setlist is always special - never the same!
Mainly KUMM plays most of their latest CD "Different Parties" including the songs
Evil Eye, One Life Left, Hi Fi Poetry, Different Parties, the punk-song Rest in Pieces, Safe, Cell Fish, Last of your kind, blue screens and x-rays, hand in a mirror, just to tell, one for each day
- as well as some older -but very succesfull songs like
hear myself, million faces, yellow fever, dictionary, curse
and the last song is always a very special and only live performed song called
The Mask!
KUMM never does and never did covers
and their concerts last from 1hour (during live TV-shows) til 3hours - a normal KUMM-show in Romania...