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"Amplifier Magazine"

"Relax, turn off your mind and float downstream. Using folksy guitar songs as its pedestal, Kunek dabbles in cool, comfortable baroque pop reminiscent of Nick Drake, Beth Orton, Eric Matthews and Scott Walker. The orchestral swoosh of The Swell cancels out the tunes overtly melancholy word-play. We Have Become and Good Day evoke Sir Macca somewhere between Pepper and Abbey Road. The instrumental. As You Were employs jazz harmonies atop hyper-hypnotic rhythms. On Flight of the Flynns, Kunek sets a pleasant somnambulant pop mood; just add candle-light and incense." - Tom Semioli

"Under the Radar"

"...the album is both audibly soothing and inspiring. Topped with strong lyrics and generous orchestration, Kunek seems to be capable of delivering moving music that deserves more than one listen."
- Heidi Antocicco


Kunek - Chosen as one of 2006 Indie Best Albums of the year. - 2006 Indie Best


ADA National Release of "Flight of the Flynns," via PlayTyme Records, New York City (Sept. 2006).
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Stillwater, Oklahoma is a good place to get lost. It's also a good place to find oneself. And so it is that Kunek, a six-member ensemble of talented multi-instrumentalists, found each other. "Stillwater has offered us a lot of room to grow and develop as musicians. From our first show, our music was welcomed with open arms into a scene that had been waiting for a new sound. The simplicity of Stillwater provided a level of comfort that has been instrumental in our continual progression as songwriters." Kunek was initially conceived as an instrumental project back around 2004, spinning gorgeous soundscapes around compelling rhythms that surprised even the band members. What they had created soon became something that Jesse Tabish felt compelled to sing to. The result boldly attempts to redefine how pop music should sound, whether they meant to, or not. Originally comprised of three members, the band expanded to three, four, and eventually six musicians, each perfectly blending into the musical aesthetic and adding exquisite texture and depth to songs. "As each member joined the group, we could all tell that we were on a solid path with our music. We felt that we were doing something meaningful during the time that we spent working together. Kunek had become more than a music group to us but also a way of life, a family bound by a commitment to creativity" As the project expanded, so did the fans. At first, the band just opened the doors to their rehearsal space and a burgeoning crowd of friends gathered weekly. And so it was not far-fetched that after playing only a few dates at select clubs, their performances were already being praised by the Oklahoma music press as a "great musical experience for anyone who likes to feel emotion in the music that they listen to." Kunek's debut album, Flight Of The Flynns, offers 12 songs that reflect the theory that music is a delicate intersection of science and emotion. Tabish delicately hypnotizes his audience with melodies that are at once, hopeful and solemn. The band gracefully moves through the music, seamlessly blending layer upon layer of complex harmonies propelled by Tabish, Jon Mooney (keyboards and guitar), Eric Kiner (lead guitar, lap steel, keys) and Jenny Hsu on cello as well as the spellbinding rhythms of bassist Josh Onstott and drummer Colby Owens. The result is tuneful and complete, and from it all comes a sincerity, confident in the knowledge that this is music they've wanted to make all along. Kunek's music is at times organic, dynamic, delicate, buoyant, or ethereal. Regardless of your interpretation, it will move you.