Imagine if The Fall and the Pixies had a lovechild and the relatives in both families included Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana; that family tree would birth the sound of KunK. The band is best known for their high-energy shows and their music is equally exciting.


Having been compared to whatever noise it is that angry dinosaurs make, Norwich Alt-Rock band KunK make sounds that have been known to stop wild boar in their quest for flesh. Creating a sound that is "somewhere between the demented growl of Mclusky & the early Britrock might of 3 Colours Red" (Subba-Cultcha.com), KunK put on an energetic live show that excites, tantalises and scares the crowd in equal measure. They have also shared the stage with the likes of The Subways, The Airborne Toxic Event, Nine Black Alps, Baddies, and appeared on the XFM Indie Night of the 2008 City Showcase Festival in London.

Two years after a much needed line-up change, KunK released their debut single “We’re Not Who You Think We Are” in May 2008. The single quickly picked up play on Kerrang! Radio, BBC Radio 1, Resonance FM and XFM, with influential DJ John Kennedy calling it “one of the finest releases of the year!”. News of KunK hit the shores of the United States shortly after with huge early radio reaction from the likes of WNYE New York, NY, KDLD-Los Angeles, CA, WKQX Chicago, IL, WXPN Philadelphia, PA, WFNX Boston, MA, KEXP Seattle, WA. This resulted in some of the bands tracks being used in MTV shows, The Real World, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Bad Girls Club.
KunK recently headed back into the studio, determined to capture their raw edge and live energy on record. The result, a double A-side single ‘No Way/Game Over’ is due for release in October ’09 with a full album to follow in 2010.


Pros Minus Cons EP - Self released in 2005.
We Are Not Who You ThinK We Are Single - released on Plastic Sun Records, May 2008.
No Way/Game Over single - Due for release on Plastic Sun Records, October 2009.

KunK songs have been known to appear on the following radio stations...


BBC Radio 1
XFM London
XFM South Wales
Kerrang! Radio
All FM
Resonance FM
BFBS Radio
Future Radio
BBC Norfolk
The Beach FM
40,000 Volts
Ipswich Community Radio
Bailrigg FM
Nevis Radio
Radio Norwich


MTV2 - All That Rocks
KUPD Phoenix, AZ
WHHZ Gainesville, FL
KFMA Tucson, AZ
WHTG Monmouth, NJ
WNYE New York, NY
KEXP Seattle, WA
KNRK Portland, OR
WFNX Boston, MA
KXTE Las Vegas, NV
WKQX Chicago, IL
WEND Charlotte, NC
WTFX Louisville, KY
KCCQ Des Moines, IA
WCNR Charlottesville, VA
WBER Rochester, NY
KDLD Los Angeles, CA
WCPR Biloxi, MS
WSFM Wilmington, NC
WEQX Albany, NY
XMU XM Radio
WXPN Philadelphia, PA
KIWR Omaha, NE
WXRT Chicago, IL

Set List

Typical set length - 30 -45 mins.

2 vs 1
No Way
We're Not Who You Think We Are
Do You Deliver?
Little People
Attack! Attack!
This City
Game Over
Destroy the Weapon

Also included from time to time...

If You Don't Try...
Skeleton Key
Sara Wishes She Was A Robot