Kurse Krew

Kurse Krew

 Oakland, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Branded “The Best Crew Out of Oakland”, delivering a resurgence in rhyme S.K.A.L.A., Prophet & 21 Stylez transmits digital dialect infectious for all ages.

In an era dominated by a culture of rims, blings & things Kurse Krew offers o the world this mixtape for those yearning more out hip-hop.


With empowering sounds coming out of Oakland, CA beyond noise it self Kurse Krew delivers digital dialect for all ages! Come discover the new sound of the next generation of hip-hop as they display witty wordplay with thought provoking rhymes!

These days, the only real difference between a mixtape and an official album release is that the first is usually a promotional tool and often for free download. Oakland, California’s Kurse Krew has blessed the Internet with their latest mixtape, Population: 3, a collection of vibrant rhymes and soulful production that you wouldn’t mind paying for. The trio of S.K.A.L.A., Prophet, and 21 Stylez are a prime example of the bubbling creativity within the Bay Area’s hip-hop scene.


"A PErfect Prophecy", 2012
"Population: 3", 2011
"Blessing of the Kurse", 2010