Kurt Baker

Kurt Baker

 Portland, Maine, USA

"Have a good time all the time" -The words Kurt Baker lives every day of his life by. After releasing acclaimed records and touring all over the States and Europe with his pop/punk group the Leftovers, Baker has set his sights for a solo career - his solo EP "Got It Covered" is power pop perfection!


There are a couple of things I pride myself in, buy first is my ability to spot raw talent. The first time I met the Leftovers - goofy teens from Maine who drove ten hours just to play a free party in Queens - I knew they were the real thing. Kurt Baker's got an ear for pop melody that only comes along a few times in a generation, and a true love for the minutiae and history of rock 'n' roll. I can't wait to hear what he comes up with next. - Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

Kurt Baker is an amalgamation of all my favorite things. He's got a biting vocal swagger (reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson), a comprehensive knowledge of classic pop music, a lovable Joey Ramone-esque personality and the songwriting chops of a man twice his age. I'm continuously excited by his creativity, positivity and prolificness.  - Linus Of Hollywood

"Kurt Baker is interesting. He is lovable like a puppy dog, goofy in that Jeff Spicoli kinda way, and well endowed in his knowledge of music that happened years before his birth. This man devotes as much time to the crafting of nachos, as he does to sleeping. Add this to the fact that his voice and stage presence are as unmistakeable as a punch to the nuts, and you have Kurt Baker. The man. The Character. The whole Shit-n-shabootle!" - Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup)

Kurt Baker is a singer, songwriter and rock n’ roll performer from Portland, Maine who has always gone by the famous saying “Have a Good Time All the Time”. He was the founding member of the notable pop/punk outfit the Leftovers, who formed in 2002 and have released many acclaimed records and have toured all over the United States, Europe and Canada. Baker’s signature unique blend of ultra catchy Beach Boys/Beatles styled melodies under a relentless wall of high energy guitars and pounding rhythms have earned him the praise of Larry Livermore (founder of Lookout Records) and Ben Weasel (Screeching Weasel) and Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup). After the release of the Leftovers last album, 2009’s “Eager to Please” on Oglio Records, which featured guest ranging from Brett Anderson (the Donnas) to Coz Canler (The Romantics), and countless touring which gained Baker and the Leftovers a reputation for putting on a stellar show, Kurt Baker decided to focus on going solo. Baker’s debut solo EP “Got It Covered” will be released this summer on Oglio Records. Produced by Los Angeles based pop genius, Linus of Hollywood, “Got It Covered” features Baker’s take on some of his favorite Power Pop songs of the 70’s and 80’s and features guest Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo) and Adam Marcello (Katy Parry). Plans have been made for a full length of original tunes as well as tours of the states and Europe.


Studio albums-
Stop Drop Rock N Roll (2004) (Muscle City Records)
Party Tonight! (2006) (Cheapskate Records)
On The Move (2007) (Rally Records)
Eager to Please (2009) (Crappy/Oglio Records)
Kurt Baker - Got It Covered (2010) (Oglio Records)

Mitton Street Special (2002) (EP) (Zuke'd On Phonics)
Steppin' On My Heart (2006) (EP) (Rally Records)
Single Series Volume 21 (2007) (EP) (Art Of The Underground)
Insubordination Fest 2007 (2008) (Live) (Insubordination Records)

Set List

Pump it up
Hangin in the telephone
Is she really goin out with him
Back in the u.s.s.r.
Got to know you
Thinkin about her
Let me out
Cruel to be kind
Telephone operator
Dance with me
Pretty woman
Look but don't touch
Party till we die


I've done everything for you
Can't have her back
Shes's the grooviest girl in the world
Beat on the brat
I just wanna have something to do