Kurt Crasper

Kurt Crasper


Hard Drivin Clasic Rock with a little Hill Billy, a little Soul, a little Latin and a little R&B. You could call this fusion Rockabilly. A friend discribed it to be Los Lonely Boys meets Stray Cats. Original stuff that makes you want to dance!


Kurt Crasper is a self professed “Rock-a-Billy” vocalist and guitar player. His sound is a fusion of Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock all in one. Born In Southern California and raised in Northern California his passion for music started at a young age. He picked up a guitar and learned how to play on his own at the age of twelve.
During his teens he played local gigs with other guys his age in various rock and roll bands. “When I was about twenty three, that is when I got pretty serious about writing my own music.” So for the next couple of years that is exactly what he did along with musician friends he had met along the way. They wrote just about everything they could think of. “The feeling of creating something of my own became infectious”, says Crasper.
Making his way into the recording studio first, Kurt then got to enjoy some commercial success in the 70’s and early 80’s by opening for such legendary acts as Greg Kihn, John Lee Hooker and Bo Diddley. But the high living, rock and roll lifestyle eventually caught up to him and the focus of his passion for music was clouded. “I was beat down by the whole scene and after losing friends and mentors to illness and suicide, I decided to quit the music business.” He put away his guitar and picked up a hammer and got into the construction business just like his dad.
True musicians never let that fire completely fade away and twenty years later Kurt decided that it was time to reignite the flame for the music and writing he passionately missed.
In November 2006, Crasper was reacquainted with Ira Walker with whom he had worked with in their early Twenties. Ira had gone on to produce over 20 records over the years and was hooked up pretty tight in the industry. After hearing Kurt’s music Ira approached Kurt and asked if he would be interested in having his record produced by Johnny Gunn along with himself. “I was totally thrilled with the idea and agreed whole heartedly” says Crasper.
As he began playing again at local venues with Ira Walker and the Passion Pirates throughout the Bay Area, Crasper took a big chance in late 2006 when he sent legendary producer Al Gomes some of his work. Gomes has produced such superstars as Christina Aguilera, Alice Cooper and the group Chicago. This turned out to be a bold move that paid off. “I got an email back right away from Al and he said he loved my music and thought we could do something with it. He assured me that he could get me on the Grammy nomination list and he did. Since then it has all been happening pretty fast.” Kurt has said that even if he doesn’t make the final cut for the Grammys the experience and musical exposure he has received has already made him a winner.
“My music is the story of my life. It’s where I have been, where I am at presently and where I am going. It’s a journey that I can express and share through the art of music. It’s one hell of a ride.


Border Runnin' Cowboy

Written By: Kurt Crasper


I road on in to San Antone,
on a hot and dusty night
The moon was full and the lights were low, and I almost died of fright.

The streets were bare and to my surprise, not even a soul in site
Which was really staring in deed to me, especially on Friday night

------------------------------------- fill

I walked along the sidewalk, smelled fried chicken cookin’ near
Smelled just like Mom used to make, but the chill never left the air

Things were getting so frightnin weird , that Jack the ripper might appear
Then I heard a voice from behind said, freeze son your covered from the rear


There was rats on my left and feds on my right, looked like the makins of a pretty good fight
So I slapped leather drew to my right and the rats on my left moved into the night

They backed me down an alley way, that’s when I lost my fear
Cause out of the night came a saucer shaped light, and I floated up into the glaire

------------------------------------- fill

The dude drivin was kind a weird, had a bierd to his belly and long wavy hair
I said thanks bud, but step on the gas, lets get the hell out a here.

He said sure thing , any time Bro, but to tell you the truth , I’m late for the show
So tell me quickly, quickly please, where it is that you would like to go

Well I said Huston, Denver, L.A., Rome, right now I’ll make any place my home
But mister please, mister don’t, take me back to that God for sakin San Antone

I said Hustonn, Denver, L.A., Rome, right now I’ll make any place my home
But mister please, mister don’t, take me
Back to that God forsakin
Back to that God forsakin
Back to that God forsakin San Antone


Tough Girl

Written By: Kurt Crasper

~ Tough Girls ~

She wakes up in the morning
Knows what shes gotta do
She swears that she aint lonely
I know that ain’t true

She’s a tough girl , doin what tough girls do
She’s a tough girl, and tough girls, they need love it’s true

She knocks me down and does me
all on every thing
She always takes my t shirts
And tries to look real mean

She’s a tough girl, doin what tough girls do
She’s a tough girl , and tough girls, they need love it’s true

Instrumental ------------------------

She rebuilt my short block Chevy
Dropped it in her pick up truck
I said wide you do that Baby
She smiled and gave me that look

She’s a tough girl, doin what tough girls do
She’s a tough girl, and tough girls, they need love it’s true

I know that I can’t have her
To call my very own
But I still can kiss and love her
Till she says you go home

Written By~ Kurt Crasper 2006

Howlin' At The Moon

Written By: Kurt Crasper


I seen you drive by in your cute little car , had to get a better look at you
I followed you all over town till you pulled up to the local swimming pool

You opened the door and put one foot out, proceeded to show me more
And swear to God I been dumb ever since, just howlin at the moon

Steam comes off of my heart pretty baby, when I get real close to you
When the wind filters through the sunshine, through your skirt , I’m such a fool.

I get knock kneed and feel kinda dizzy when you smile from across the room
And the things you say and do, keeps me howlin at the moon


When you’re walkin down the street, you cause car wrecks, and wars start over girls like you
And you know your hot and your smiling like your ready, but it’s only just to keep me confused

You know what you want and you know how to get it, and you don’t mind breakin the rules
I gotta maintain, I gotta hold on I’m howlin at the moon.

I can’t get the nerve to say I want ya in fear you won’t say it back
Just give me some kind of sign pretty baby so I can finely make my attack

I been lookin real close and the clues might be there but I’ve been wrong before
So I just keep on holdin pretty baby and howlin at the moon

Written By ~ Kurt Crasper 5-9-06

Ramp Tramp

Written By: Kurt Crasper

Tell me little girl,
what it is in the world
That makes a pretty lil’ thing like you
turn to heart break and misery

Every time I leave town,
I hear you been getting round
Seams like you and the whole damn world’s
got a gang of secrets from me


Get on get down, get on down the ramp tramp
Get on get down far away from me

Well I tried to tell you girl
With truth and sincerity
Tell you with all my heart
Jus’ how much you meant to me

It seems like I outa be talkin'
To the fish in the sea
Cause you're such a chilly low down hearted
Two timin' hottie to me

--------------------------------------Bridge - solo

It seems like you can’t understand
That my love was totally free
Just wanted to know that you were mine all mine
And you wouldn’t make a fool out of me

So if I can’t have it my way
I don’t want it know way at all
So you can pack your bags little girl
And find another fool to fall

Written By ~ Kurt Crasper 2006

Golden Years

Written By: Kurt Crasper


Hey there little blue bird, won’t you sing to me,
Along with the wind, through the weeping willow trees

Let’s go down to the country, where love flows free inside

Where I can finally satisfy, my constant changing mind

So won’t you listen to me little, angel lady
Caus I’ve been waitin for, along long lonely time

Waitin for this day, to come my lonesome way
Waitin for your magic love, take these homesick blues away

So wipe those tears, with golden years , and let love wash your mind
We’ll laugh and play, it’s a damn good day, break out the food and wine

Pass it round , get on down, loves the natural high
Hang up your guns , cause hates no fun, and that’s gonna make you cry


You know I’m finely finding, What makes me feel inside
Home cooked things , love in spring , really makes me kinda high

Children play , while fathers say , it’s time to come inside
So let your self go , far and wide , flow free through space and time

Things ain’t like they used to be, and I can’t figure why
Kids pick up tommy guns , and they let bullets fly

Morals seem to fade away, and lots of people die
And in the end it made no sense, if it did it’d be a lie

So wipe those tears with golden years, and let love wash your mind
We’ll laugh and play, it’s a damn good day, break out the food and wine

Pass it round, get on down, loves the natural high
Hang up your guns, cause hates no fun, and that’s gonna make you cry.

WrittenBy~Kurt Crasper

Stair Step Love

Written By: Kurt Crasper


When I shut my eyes, Pretty Baby
I can’t stop seeing you

When I’m away , Little Honey
You know my love is true

Then you come back to my life
In our own set in time

Our too hearts lock like heaven
To stop would be a crime

A crime that’s marked with fire and passion
An ocean of burning truth

A crime till the end of time
Cause all I ever want is you


So give me your stair step love , baby
The one you talked about last night

Give me your stair step love Honey
We’ll step to the endless sky

So give me your stair step love Baby
Fill my heart like an ocean breeze

Give me your stair step love Honey
I’ll fill up all your dreams

We’ll lay beneath the full blue moon

Let the stars shine soft in your eyes

We’ll go beyond where no one goes

I’m sure we’re gonna find our high

I’m commin’ home to you pretty baby
This roads long and hot

I wanna’ look into your eyes
With every thing I got

Every thing that the day brings in
Including all the nights

Nights we’ll lay tight in our arms
Our love is burnin’ hot and bright

Written by Kurt Crasper 6/29/06

'Til That Day

Written By: Kurt Crasper


Been lookin through lifes patterns
To see where they’re taken us today

Things seem to melt together
But I’m still optimistic jus the same

I like to feel the sun shine
I like to lift my face to the rain

And if we’re goin where we’re goin
We need to stick together till that day

Was drivin' in my pick up
List'nin to the radio today

I thought about the way
Loves been getting thrown away

My heart fell down around me
And I fought to keep the tears at bay

If we’re goin where we’re goin
We need to stick together till that day


So come on pretty baby
Won’t you throw a smile my way

Put your hand in my hand
And we’ll love the night away

You can fall asleep in my arms
Till the break of day

If we’re goin where we’re goin
We better stick together till that day

You know you’re eyes sparkle
I watch you when your walkin away

You got that kind of magic
You brighten up a sun shiny day

When I feel your heart beat
All my troubles all seem to melt away

If we’re goin where we’re goin
We need to stick together till that day

I’ll give my world to you
All I’ll ever ask is that you’ll stay

I’ll shower you with kisses
And I’ll spoil you rotten every day

Won’t you be my starlight
Jus give me your trust and lean on me

If we’re goin where we’re goin
We need to stick together till that day




The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences has placed Kurt Crasper on the Official Ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards in the following categories:

Category 6 - Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Kurt Crasper - Ramp Tramp Award goes to Artist: Kurt Crasper, Ballot Entry # 028

Category 11 - Best Pop Vocal Album Kurt Crasper - Wolftickets Award goes to Artist and Producers: Kurt Crasper, Ira Walker and Johnny Gunn, Ballot Entry # 047

2007 - Kurt Crasper: Wolftickets CD. The songs Ramp Tramp, Golden Years, and Border Rinnin' Cowboy are recieving Streaning and FM radio airplay on: www.krim-fm.com, Hotmix106.com, and numerous College Indie Stations across the nation

1979 - Kurt Crasper: Honky Tonk Amnesia Album

Set List

Kurt Crasper - Set List

1. On the road again - Canned Heat
2. Border runnin Cowboy- Kurt Crasper
3. Ramp Tramp-Kurt Crasper
4. Gloria - Van Morrison
5. Stair step love-Kurt Crasper
6. Till that day-Kurt Crasper
7. Talk to me - Eric Clapton
8. Golden years-Kurt Crasper
9. Tough Girl-Kurt Crasper
10. No Survivors-Kurt Crasper
Our typical set is 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the clubs preference I do some classic covers and some of my originals from my latest Album Wolftickets and my back up band usually does at least one set of their material consisting of some classic covers and some original material.We have enough material to do the whole night and then some.