Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Proven to be a front-man in bands, a duo, and a strong solo act, he’s the artist you hope to run into at a local coffee house or tavern.The undiscovered act that you see playing in the background in movies whose music plays a pivotal scene and you say,“That’s it. That’s what I’ve been searching for.”


Wielding his acoustic guitar, voice, and songs, Kurt Gunn is quietly etching a name for himself in the Midwest by playing live shows anywhere there is a stage and people to enjoy him.

With a grassroots approach to winning over fans, and an unending appetite for crafting new music, Kurt is showing why you don't have to live in Nashville to be in this business, all you have to do is write some good songs!


"This & That" EP 2008 (Independently Released)

"Underneath" EP 2014 (Independently Released)



WITRR Network, Indie Castle Radio, WSPR Night Owl Radio,
INDIE104 iRadioLA, WMIR 100.9FM, In-d Sounds Radio,
Independent104.com, Audio Independents Radio,
WBJZ B104.7...



"New or old, solo or full band, Kurt Gunn is bound to grab your attention and get you to listen to him and what he has to say." - Scene Magazine

"Kurt's music is fun, emotional and ground level." - greenbaynightlife.com

"Kurt Gunn is doing his part to help area songwriters get their due with the Wisconsin Songwriters Revival he founded a year ago..." - Green Bay Press Gazette

"Liked "Autumn Leaves" a lot. It's a folksy, raw sound...the singer/songwriter thing that makes the ladies swoon."
- Otis Day , 101.1 WIXX

"The man has a vocal gift that warms the entire room."
- Stumpjack Coffee Co.

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