Kurt South

Kurt South


Melodic, kinda twangy, acoustic-based, singer-songwriter, folk-rock. Very eclectic, lots of hyphens.


As a kid growing up, Kurt discovered sounds that will haunt him forever. The lonesome, wistful longing of Gram Parsons, the dry wit and rambling genius of Bob Dylan, the anger and immediacy of Social Distortion, and the blues-drenched pop sensibilty of John Hiatt have found fertile ground in his mind. Such fertile ground that one day he quit his job and wrote and wrote and wrote and played gig after gig until he realized he was getting somewhere. A sound all of his own was being forged with an acoustic guitar, powerful vocals, minimalist arrangements, and honest, human lyrics that followed folks around. He also got paid just enough to stay off the street. Now, South finds himself a mature, seasoned performer and musician still channeling those early influences into new sounds that he hopes will find fertile ground of their own.


River City Blues (2006)
Seven Songs ep (2006)
Loaded (2003)

Set List

Bunch of Kurt South songs, a little Dylan, some Oasis maybe, John Hiatt, Son Volt. It's always changing.