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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"KURTZ - CD Review #2"

Atlanta`s Kurtz are a heavy bulldozing force to reckon with. Their sound is that of your basic heavy thick metal tinged southern sludge doom, reminding me of fellow southerners Eyehategod and crusty laced bands like Bongzilla.

For a 5 song demo type CD, it`s one of the better ones that I have come across. Thick fuzzy tones and pummeling rhythms and heavy riff after riff of doom drenched blues lines. Musically these guys possess the same kind of heavy soul that SLEEP does. Guitar leads blaze at times and is a bonus to Kurtz’s sound because usually you don’t hear leads like these in this type of music, but man…I wish there was more of it these days.
- Stonerrock.com Rob Wrong

"KURTZ - A Metal Heratige for Young America"

Mike's review:
Wow, I like this stuff! Sludgy groove music in the vein of Clutch. Vocals are nice and heavy, very dominate. The guitars are really impressive as well. Instead of following the same path throughout the song and just chuggin' along, they sometimes wander off to make sure you are well aware of their existence. Check out what they have to offer at http://www.kurtzatl.com - ADRENALIN zine

"KURTZ - Live Show Review #4"

When KURTZ took the stage. I had heard these guys were heavy, but damn. Midtempo riffage propelled these guys through an amazing set. I guess you could compare them to Down a little, but their music struck me as being original. Definitely Stonermetal, KURTZ manage to keep their sound thick. - Wishbone at Stonerrock.com


Self released CD -
KURTZ - A Metal Heritage For Young America



Feeling a bit camera shy


The resurrection of the Horrific Beast we all once knew as metal, Force Fed with their own Evil Brew of Heavy, Has long been the task of Atlanta’s KURTZ. Delivering this massive sound are the various compilations of four men, Hell bent on ripping metal into the unknown. Whether it’s breaking hearts on Fulton industrial or busting skulls, strings and sticks at a live show, KURTZ is heavy as pulling a freight train through the swamp with a ’73 shovelhead. Rockin’ in your face and brandin’ your skin with genuine metal.
If you’ve got the Itch for Guitar Licks Fatter than Aunt Mabel after A Thanksgiving feast, Drums harder than push startin’ a peterbilt, And thick vocals that make Satan himself pee his little red speedo’s, KURTZ is your remedy, your horror…
With influences from rock’s forefathers, KURTZ wages war, and boasts the heaviest sound east of the Mississippi…
Truly a METAL HERITAGE for young America

Over the past 4 years, KURTZ has shared the stage with such heavy hitters as Mezzanine, Gonzalez, Cutthroats 9, Starchild, Southern Gun Culture, and many more.