An identical twin brother duo band that started off playing improv shows. We have worked backwards to craft good songs and song writing, only adding vocals and creating traditional type songs on our upcoming 4th release. The band have played art shows, house parties and conventional venues. We have even posed as twins in a Damien Hirst artwork at the Tate Modern gallery, London. our shows are straight up loud, fast, no messing around fun!


Kurtz are a two piece band made up of identical twin brothers Frederick & Ralph Fuller. They started Kurtz in 2005, primarily playing shows as an improv band. They toured the north of England and when back in London, they crafted a primal and up beat punk rock sound.

The Kurtz sound changed, becoming more streamlined. It was louder and more riff based while the brothers spent time playing in the touring band Bones, shredding with their hard rock band Great Western, and playing session for Neotropic and Gabriel Bruce.

Live Kurtz play straight up loud and fun, usually with their guitarist spending most of the show in the crowed. On record they are constantly experimenting, and have collaborated with members of Tribes, Arrows of Love, Turbogeist, Bradford Bahamas, Bruno Wizard and other regulars of the London scene


One for the road (2006) Compilation CD, song 'Axe Murderer' was used.

+1 EP (2008) Released digitally and on CD

Kurtz/Woe Split 7'' (2010) Released online and on vinyl

Falcon Frontiers (2012) Released online and on CD