kurvi tasch

kurvi tasch

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN
BandPopNew Wave

kurvi tasch starts from a minimalist ethos and strives for a maximalist output. The underlying intention is to produce a melodic and rhythmic anchor upon which subtle lyricism can command the stage. Restraint and passion flow in equal measure; build-ups of tension find release in a melodic chorus (like Other Side of the Road) or a frantic outro simmering with intensity (Fractured Lense).


kurvi tasch is a three-piece pop outfit that formed in the fall of 2011. Their first EP 'Post-Retro' was released in the summer of 2012, followed by a number of singles and compilations. Their debut LP 'On Firm Ground' was released in August, 2014 on digital and cassette platforms.  


"On Firm Ground" - LP  (2014)

"Don't Fall" - Compilation cassette (2014)

"Tour Tape" - Split cassette release w/ The Knows (2013)

"Dead End // Conviction Blues" - 2 songs digital release, (2013)

"White" - Split cassette release w/ Ernie Coombs, (2012)

"I want you back" - Single digital release, (2012)

"Post-Retro" - EP digital and cd release, (2012)