Kush Gang Global

Kush Gang Global

 Seattle, Washington, USA
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Kush Gang Global is a hip-hop/rap collective out of Seattle, WA. The camp recently began making noise on the local scene, developing a growing and devoted fan-base. Join the movement, as the squad looks to solidfy a spot in the rap game with arguably some of the hottest music out their city.

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Kush Gang Global - "Don't Forget The Global" (2012)

Kay G & JY - "Life's A Twist"
Mizzle - "The Kurt Snowbain/Grizzy Hendrix Project"
Seven - "Misery & Triumph"
Mizzle & Kautious - "Aviation School"
Quiwaan The-Great - "I Can't Rap But I Can Roll Kush"
Kay G & Knut Hansum - "Green Weed & Green Tea"
Kay G - "Ashin Kusher"
Kautious - "Fight To Die Another Day"