San Francisco, California, USA

Organic Drum and Bass using technology or tape. Bass Loops for you! For the live fan it's a great warmup to your band's gig.


Kutre started his own San Francisco- based internet music Label in January 1999. Previous to this time, Kutre had played in several bands in San Francisco under his Bass name “Kutre”.
The bands included The Johnny Oats Hour, TYG, Kutre (Organic Drum and Bass Project), 3 Phanta’stic Men, The Owl and the Hawks and sitting in with other bands and singers as needed.

From 1997 thru 1999 he was researching the MP3 format and the potential that this would create for independent promotion, marketing and self-distribution for unsigned bands and songwriters. Kutre had experience with an A&R rep from Interscope that was interested in his band 3 Phanta’stic Men but as this project fell through, this was the spark for wanting to have his own label. Given the amount of money that a typical record label would need and his experience with the internet since 1991 and computers, he created his own label deemed chameleon Music. Due to Kutre’s interest in all genres from Classical to Rap to Heavy Metal and Country, he wanted something that reflected his tastes in music and where he saw the populations’ tastes going due to the expansion of music availability through the internet.

Originally Kutre started with a few bands that he was in or was friends with and used the MP3.com and Liquid Audio technologies and services. As the digital music landscape changed and as he networked with others in the internet music arena, chameleon Music also evolved in these new directions – like a chameleon.


1427 Studios

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*Feeling Napal