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From California, Kutt-E's lyrics are felt by thousands of fans due to his extraordinary vocal delivery and original metaphores. His stage show is flawless and includes songs that touch all ages(from 7 - 70)! At age 21 he has the 1 thing that's hard to find in a rap artist these days, variety!


KUTT-E aka Mr. Raspy… I am a student/artist/producer born in Oakland, Calif. I am a member of the hip hop Union/movement S.M.P. AKA "Streets Most Popular". In the group I am known as Kutt-E AKA "Mr. Raspy" because of the slur on my voice when I rap. In high school, I created some of my first literal expressions, using them as a way to vent to myself. After years of writing, I was introduced to my cousin D'1 an upcoming producer and felt that working with him could be an opportunity to vent to the world. I was named “KUTT-E” by D'1 and after working together for a while; everyone started to notice the slur on my voice and from there stemmed Mr. Raspy. Besides being an artist I am also a student attending St. Mary's College. I think of myself to be a smart individual who understands the key aspects of this game they call life. But I'm still learning... I live by the words "...it's what you do not what you say..." and "...if it don't make change than it don't make sense..." -S.M.P. <


"And Then I Go"( a very characteristic track spawn from the Bay Area "Hyphy Movement")

"Damn" featuring L'Jay (Most popular song by the female gender)

"Let It Drip" (very sexual song yet clean lyrics)

"He Got Game featuring San Quinn of Done Deal Ent.

Set List

Are sets are usually 20 - 30 mins. in length which includes brief 30 to 45 second skits.
**Most songs we have backup dancers for**
Kutt-E likes to start a show with "And then I Go" followed by "Let It Drip", "Jockin Me", and then " This Yo Song". All of which are 3.5 to 4.2 mins. in length.