Kuukumina's music is a rich mixture of different ultra-danceable Latin American rhythms that is designed to fill the dancefloor without forgetting the enthusiastic listener.


Kuukumina is a 7 piece orchestra from Helsinki, Finland. Since their formation in 1999 they have been playing Afro-Cuban and World music for ever-growing audiences in Finland and abroad.

Kuukumina’s repertoire consists of original music that combines different musical styles from South America, Africa and the Middle East, but closest to their hearts is the pulse of Afro-Cuban music. It is not by accident that Kuukumina started to make Afro-Cuban music: the father of the brothers Vili and Tero, Heikki Lajunen, was a member of Septeto Son, which was the first band in Finland that devoted themselves to cuban son-music.

Kuukumina has played at clubs, parties and many festivals in Finland such as Pori Jazz, Ilosaari and Kaustinen just to name a few. They have also opened shows for Latin music giants like Eddie Palmieri and Sierra Maestra. Outside of Finland they have been performing in Cuba, Sweden and Russia. In 2010 the band was part of Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth´s Winter Circus. They regularly play concerts for children.

Their journey to the roots of cuban music was fulfilled with a concert tour to Santiago de Cuba in 2008, whereafter they put out their first album Siempre pa’lante. The newest album Kámina was released by Rockadillo records in march 2012. A new tour in Cuba this time together with Sierra Maestra is planned for the end of 2013.

This Rumba can't be stopped! ¡hasta luego!


Kámina (2012, Rockadillo)
Circular (2010)
Siempre pa'lante (2009)
Kuukumina EP (2004)