Barranquilla, Atlántico, COL

KUZKAZ is music to dance, to get laid. KUZKAZ is caribbean sounds, booty shaking bass and beats, color and celebration.

Our show is designed to transform our audience in a sweaty and joyful audience.


KUZKAZ is a musical quartet, from Barranquilla north Colombia conformed by Shalarem (keyboards, guitars, programming, machinery, percussions, composer and lead vocals), urariyu (synthesizer, keyboards, percussions and programming) , the witch vj ( chorus, vj, screen work, and ritual performance ) and keren h ( female vocals, kazoo and acoustic guitars ); this band came out of the closet in the early 2000 as Jesus girls just like an accurate answer to the decadent rock movement back in our city; four years later we take back our musical roots and the foundations of afro Caribbean rhythms and combine the electronic aesthetic with the organic sound of typical instruments of Colombian’s Caribbean as the tambour, the alegre the llamador and traditional bagpipes. We use as a basic recourse the computer the keyboards and synthesizers and performance alive with a bagpipe player a folklore tambour trio an invited dj, dancers and a full screen visual show by our vj .

Musical influences:
As we mentioned before our musical response to a full range of sounds that came from Africa, Colombia and all over the world ; in our style you´ll find rhythms like soka, Bembé, champeta,calypso vallenato and reggae fighting with our fascination for 80’s techno, acid house and old time hip hop school and electronic music in general that’s what we really do to confront two different cultures not only in a musical aspect but visually , we heard a lot of bands like Asian dud foundations, massive attack , buraka som system, the specials, dead or alive etc… and from Latin side we love la Sonora matancera, el general, Joe arroyo, Ishmael Rivera y los cachimbos, Carlos vives , tito Puente from Africa youssou ndour sala keba etc…


The band gets solid and recorded SHALA-LAB album (the laboratory of wind album) we take this as a very fascination for hip hop and free style movement and at last we are producing our third album called the ANTROSEXUS we plan to released next year.