New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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My Music is unique its written from the heart, and soul encoded with a message for the world


Great grandson of
legendary New Orleans jazz drummer Louis Babarin, David "KvngDavid"
Paul Baptiste Jr has created and is marching to a beat of his own.  Before KvngDavid flooded the airwaves with the revolutionary hip hop single How the
World turns on MTV Jams directed by childhood friend Korey Jones (KojoFilms)
and surfacing to top 12 of 2012 (dayandadream.com) with the album Death Before Dishonor, perhaps the biggest
surge comes from surviving the hurricane Katrina ruination of August
29th 2005.  An unvarnished native of the variegated New Orleans, it was
at the age of 8 when KvngDavid’s older cousin, Gregory Baptiste, introduced him
to hip-hop. Undoubtedly inspired by the stimulating art, it was merely a year
later when he composed his first song at 9 years of age, though he wouldn't
record until the age of 13 while in the studio of his uncle and fellow musician
Darren Brazley.  Dignifying his productive abilities to a higher stage,
while he and his family were forced to evacuate their home in New Orleans, it
was in Dallas, TX where he found refuge in wisdom.  Be it a lesson learned
after being expelled from Cedar Hill high school, afterthoughts from
conversations with his now present father or the discipline from night classes
credited to earning a GED~KvngDavid was able to seize control of his life and
express himself through his music.  It was while enrolled at Texas
Southern University where others began to recognize the abilities KvngDavid possessed of storytelling and creating authentic songs.  It was at TSU
where he met budding producer Y-influence, and many more influential
contributors to his career. KvngDavid has since illuminated the stage with
such heavy weights as Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar and Rza of the Wu Tang
Clan.  With several albums, touring performances and a mainstream music
video under his belt, it’s hard not to follow and observe what yet another
Katrina survivor is still able achieve after emerging from the water that
inundated the belly of the beast over a decade ago.


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