Kwab aka Y.e.S!

Kwab aka Y.e.S!

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Kwab aka Y.e.S views the world and his music with the future in mind. With a next century vibe and sound, Y.e.S! not only gives the listeners joints to rock out to, but also keeps them wanting more with his witty yet conversational delivery that makes for some official storytelling to say the least.


Kwab was born in Ghana, Africa where music and poetry was always a strong staple in his family. He was exposed to writing poetry at a young age because his father is an accomplished and published poet. This in turn steered him to head in a creative direction with whatever he wanted to pursue.

At the age of 12, his immediate family moved to the United States to try and pursue a better life. They moved all over staying with other family members that lived in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. Apart from being exposed to culture shock, he was also exposed to different elements and aspects of music. His family settled down in New Jersey where his growth as an inspiring MC began. He ended up competing in rap battles during house parties or impromptu ciphers and took solace in writing about his personal on goings and experiences.

After graduating high school he attended college where he met individuals who were as passionate about music. He joined a Rap/R&B group by the name of Process of Elimination for about 3 years and started recording and producing different tracks on a daily bases. With the help of D. Dolo and Rob McCauley he was able to learn and progress in his craft. Now he has been working on his solo projects with his main beat maker/producer Josh "J. Rod Beats" Rodriguez and engineer/producer Dave Evangelist of Imagine Nation. He has recently been featured on different mixtapes and projects. He has also written and produced for other artists.

The Jersey MC prides himself in his songwriting and creativity with each record which he also credits the people he works with. Artists the he says he is influenced by but not limited to are Common, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Epiphany Blue, Kanye West, Jadakiss and Joe Budden. He says "each artist has a unique element which leads to listeners gravitating towards their sound and I try to emulate that by bringing my own uniqueness to each record. I have a different background than most and I have been through a lot in my lifetime. May it be a song of pain, love, heartbreak or just my nightlife, each song I write is a reflection of a part of me hence the name and acronym Y.e.S! Your entertainment system is me giving each listener a view into my crazy world. Music is my way of painting my picture in each mental canvas and hoping each listener can admire the view with their ears."


Give me Love - Single

Your Entertainment System- EP