Staten Island, New York, USA
BandHip HopPop

My music is heavily 90s influenced by artist such as Eminem, Nas, Big Pun, Big L, etc. I'm trying to provide marketable music all while keeping the lyrical content sharp and intelligent.


KB was born Allan Kwabena Ali on April 13th 1993 in Brooklyn, NY. He spent his childhood in Staten Island in the neighborhoods of Stapleton and Great Kills where he currently resides. When Allan was younger he had no dreams of being a musician. His main focus was basketball. His friends got him into rap music and Allan started writing rap songs just for fun and though they weren’t very good, it was a hobby he took up on and off through his junior high days. Eventually he realized basketball wasn’t a good option anymore. Allan first started writing serious rap songs in October of 2009 and went under the name Advocate. His dedication led to his quick and rapid progress as a lyricist, though he believed the path to getting signed would be much easier than expected. After 10 months of writing he decided to record his first mix tape which he would call Advocation. It consisted of 12 songs and received mixed reviews. In October of 2010, with improved lyrics and a new stage name, KB, he re-recorded the Advocation mix tape and received positive reviews. Right after the re-release of Advocation he went hard at work on Advocation II. With six months of meticulous writing and preparation he was ready to record Advocation II which would go on to also receive positive reviews. He is currently writing songs for his first E.P which is untitled as to date. Allan has the work ethic and demeanor to compete on any level of competition and looks to excel far and beyond at any task he is presented with. He always gives 110 percent and lives by the motto that “failure is not an option. “


Advocation II
Advocation III