Kwano "Tha Corporate Don" Sincere

Kwano "Tha Corporate Don" Sincere

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My music embraces the mind, body, and soul of an entrepreneur that has the vision to empower the world with words of hope, pain, and good times.


Artist Statement
Kwano Sincere is the ultimate legal hustler that will not be stopped. His ambition and ability to gather information, acknowledge the situation, and then pass judgement will take this artist/entrepreneur to the top of the music industry. He's a visionary that calculates every move without letting his emotions derail his focus off his mission. His mission is to build an entertainment empire, remain humble, and most of all be remembered as one of the best that ever played the game.

Name: Kwano "Tha Corporate Don" Sincere

Age: Time has no destiny

From;Philadelphia, Pa (West Oak Lane and North Philly)

Occupation: CEO, Artist, Producer, DJ, Film editor, Aurther, and Founder of Corporate Don Music, Inc., Kwano Sincere Cinema, Independent Grind Newsletter, (internet radio on air now), and Classic Era Graphix.

Amibitions: Building an Empire

Interest: honor, honesty, good business, loyality, family, music, reading, writing books, and sports


Kwano Sincere humble beginnings started in a Philadelphia section called West Oak Lane. Kwano fell in love with the culture of hip hop after meeting the legendary Dj by the name of Lightin' Rich From Philly. Lightin' Rich showed Kwano the basic art on how to be a Dj. Kwano was so amazed he ran home to ask his parents for a mixer and two turntables. That wish was granted and another Philly basement Dj was born. Then hip hop started to focus on the master of ceremony. So Kwano began writing rhymes. It was Rakim who inspired him the most outside of Grand So ( Lightin' Rich's MC ). Kwano then started recording demos to send out to major record labels but the politics of the industry forced him to become an entrepreneur. So in 1999, kwano decided to incorporate " Black Family Records Music Group, Inc." and run his own record company. Then in 2000, Kwano released an album called "Tha Sacrifice, Tha Pain, and Tha Glory" which sold 600 copies out the trunk as an independent label. Then kwano pulled the album because the other artist on the album left for better offers from other industry voices. By accepting the lost like a true entrepreneur Kwano started a newsletter called "Universal Culture" in 2002. While doing interviews for the first issue he met Mc. Delite from The legendary group "stetsaonic". after the interview Mc. Delite embrassed Kwano's ambition and took him under his wing for his new record label called "D&d rhythm Records". Kwano worked for D&D as head of street promotions and radio promotions from Maryland to South Jersey. During that time Kwano helped D&D Promote a single called "Tellin' Me Lies" by F-Dot that received airplay on 300 college radio stations across the country (Canada & USA). That single hit the insomnaic Magazine charts at number FIVE IN THE COUNTRY. That was a major high in Kwano's career because he was part of the D&D machine and he added new information to his game (thanks to Mc. Delite and Deb). F-dot was dropped from D&D putting kwano's destiny back in his hands. So Kwano moved from Delaware back to Philly too regroup and that he did. He started a new Corporation called "Corporate Don Muzik" and started a radio show called "Tha corporate don Urban radio show" that was on 1360 am out of South New Jersey. Kwano will be turning his radio show into a radio station via internet in 2006. Also, Kwano is releasing universal good music, writing novels, writing movie scripts, directing DVD's, and giving the fasion world something to think about in the year 2008.


Albums released:
1. "Tha Sacrifice, Tha Pain, and Tha Glory" in the year 2000. Written and Produced by Kwano "Tha Corporate Don" Sincere

2. "Independent Content (Thoughts of a Hustler)" in the year 2005. Written and Produced by Kwano "Tha Corporate Don" Sincere

3. "I'm Still Standin' (One Hustle at a Time) Release date May 23, 2007. Written and Produced by Kwano "Tha Corporate Don" Sincere

a) Single release date: March 31, 2007
Single Title: "Another Day in the Hood"
written and produced By Kwano "Tha Corporate
Don" Sincere
Video Release date: April 28, 2007
b) Second Single: "It Ain't Nothing But A Party"
written and produced By Kwano "Tha Corporate
Don" Sincere
Up and Coming Project:

1. The "Independent Grind Newsletter"
out now (PA, NJ, DE, and MD).
2. The "Independent Grind Newsletter DVD
3. The New Movers and Shakers in Philadelphia
(DVD Documentary Film)
4. Tha Hill (fiction novel) COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Independent Content ( Thoughts of a Hustler)
Spoken Word Book