Kwasi Mantey

Kwasi Mantey

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Kwasi Mantey is a brilliant R&B Singer and percussionist who’s lyrical approach displays sizzling and positive but yet sensuous stories. His music either makes you want to dance or fall in love. The self-entitled album “KWASI MANTEY” depicts messages that are unique, and compelling.


Kwasi Mantey is a dynamic R&B singer/songwriter born on Valentines Day. His music reflects love and social awareness. Kwasi’s desire to become a popular performing artist inspired him to leave his home in Ghana West Africa to come to America. His expressive talent evolves to being more than just a singer; he is also an incomparable percussionist. After receiving drum training at the acclaimed Arts Council Dance Company of Ghana, he played percussion for the popular GBC-TV BAND, and for Eddie Quansah an exceedingly popular musician in London. His choreographed dances for the Dinisulu Dance Company was so breath taking that it afforded him the opportunity to land a role in the Broadway production of Satichmo.

Realizing his love for the music industry encouraged Kwasi to complete his twelve-song album that is currently being distributed throughout the world by several companies. This album is filled with outstanding RnB melodies that will appeal to all nationalities and it is currently receiving Internet radio airplay where he continuously receives fan mail from around the world. Kwasi’s brilliant lyrical content and harmonies will simply capture your heart and you will find yourself rewinding every song. He is currently performing at Club Sin Sin, Club Groove, Nightingales, and Café Wha, in New York City where the imprints of his talents is left in the minds of his fans.

Considering Kwasi’s extensive travels throughout the African, European, and Caribbean countries, Kwasi’s music reflects his compassion for life and his concerns for society. He has been compared to one of today’s greatest entertainers, Seal, and his main objective is to become a critically acclaimed international performer. With his distinct and unique talent; he will bring a new element to the entertainment world.


Kwasi Mantey CD released (1/07)

Grier & Associates Entertainment's rising compilation CD (11/06)


WWW.MYSPACE.COM/KWASIMANTEY (kwasi has over 9,000 friends on his myspace page)


Artist First World Radio (has audience of 2 million listeners. performed a one hour show. (12.06) and (2/07) music is currently in rotation

College Music Radio

Hip Hop TV (Japan)

New Artist Radio