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The Making of...KWEI (2008, Darimar):

Kwei's Music Video: GOODBYE (The BMR-emix)

Darimar Records Presents (2003, compilation):




If music is a reflection of self, then Kwei writes the book. With so many artists sculpted and molded by the industry today, its refreshing to have an artist who lives through his music. His life, through his many relationships represents each chapter of an ongoing story in the life of Kwei.

Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Kwei was surrounded by the love and support of many talented musicians. Both, his father who was gifted in the art of singing, and his mother who was a dance instructor as well as an African Dancer. He also has three sisters and a brother. Kwei recalls having a good childhood explaining that his family was very close knit. Also, he learned from his brother, who had been incarcerated- the pro and cons of life.

At a young age Kwei was always artistic. He loved to draw in which he stated he went straight past stick figures to dinosaurs. Kwei also loves dancing, writing poetry, spoken word and singing. His first song, which he wrote, .....was actually a poem, Kwei stated. Kwei has always been a performer since at a young age. A Raisin In the Sun, by the critically acclaimed playwright Lorraine Hansberry, proved to be his first stage performance. He has performed in various talent shows and district festivals. Kwei began playing the saxophone during his years in middle school [Henry Charles Lea School, in West Philadelphia], which he still plays to this day.

There was a period in time in which Kwei had been briefly separated from his love of singing to focus on education. He went to Regional High School in Philadelphia, which was a school known for its delinquency. Kwei had earned himself a reputation for tagging up the walls of his [previous] high school [Overbrook High School at which he majored in Fine Art]. Both a gift and a curse, his move to Regional helped him rediscover his true passion and love of singing. In a time where he said he felt like a little boy in a grown mans world. From there he went onto Community College of Philadelphia where he majored in Graphic Design. He also liked to hang in the studio with groups of musicians to the point which Kwei said, I started being in the studio during times when I should have been in class.

Kwei has performed in a few groups. His former group- Stardom, separated which put him on his own path of being a solo artist and being discovered by the Founders of Darimar Entertainment. Although he has gone through many of life's hard lessons that he had to face and learn coupled with harsh criticism regarding his artistry, all while growing from a boy to a man, Kwei has (coupled with courage, strength and determination) developed into the artist you see today. Thus his solo debut album The Making Of... emerges. All those who know Kwei see him as a role model for todays youth with a passion and energy that is felt in each and every one of his songs. His sex appeal and charm make him the perfect icon for all women. Known to rock every crowd from ages six to sixty, look out for the future superstar that will give even Usher a run for his money.