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Klaus ‘Wombat’ Halper has nailed the blues with an understanding and feel dedicated to his Australian roots. 'Wombat' takes you on a Blues journey.

Wombat 'Keep the Faith' has performed his own unique Aussie blues style to audiences
around the world!


"Keep the Faith" is Wombat's debut EP, after a long and successful career as a live performance artist both here and internationally.

Wom joined his first band in 1976, then in 1981 was introduced to the Dutchman, Dutch Tilders (premier Australian blues artist) who actually, to Wom’s surprise, let him play the odd set with him.

This led to playing in various Blues bands, as well as more gigs with Dutch.

Through to 1986 Wom worked for a lot of Australian and Overseas Artists, in many capacities: Stevie Nicks, ZZ Top, Dire Straits, Midnight Oil, Swanee and more. As well as maintaining his blues roots with performances all over Victoria.

1986-Wom moved to the Far South Coast of NSW to have a family, but the local music scene soon beckoned and Wom worked in several local bands.

In 2005-2006 Dutch Tilders did the odd show in Wombat's area. So along went Wom and to everyone's surprise Dutch’s first words at the show were "Did you bring your axe?".

Wombat was back from the wilderness!!!

He had found his stride and went on to forge a successful solo career which has seen him travel to locations all over Australia as well as internationally. All the while remembering to "Keep the Faith" as requested by his friend and mentor before his passing.


EP: Wombat Keep the Faith
Tracks available on AirIt: Stay; Smokin' Woman; F.O.J.

Set List

By K. Halper:
Mobile Blues;
I'm On That Train;
I Been Low;
Pennies For Pennie;
Stay (J+K Halper);
Tennis Shoe Blues;
So Long Blues:
Too Young;
She Packed Her Bags;
Put It In Your Heart;
I'm Going Down;
Legal Pursuit

By M. Tilders:
I Feel So Good;
Little Girl Blues;
Bad Books;
Baby Please Don't Go;
McGee's Advice;
What You Gonna Do?;
Back To The Country;
I'm A Blues Man;
Good Morning Blues;
Smokin' Woman;
Good Morning Cigarette;
Blues Has Been My Life;
Flip, Flop, Fly;
Had A Good Time Here;
Hear Me knocking;
Sad Dog;
When I Get Back On My Feet Again;
Going On A Journey;

I'm Just Your Fool (Little Walter);
My Babe (Little Walter);
Them That's Got (Ray Charles);
Cross Roads (Robert Johnson);
Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash);
Hey Hey Baby ( Big Bill Broonzy);
High Heel Sneakers (Tommy Tucker);
Nobody Knows You (Jimmy Cox);
Trouble In Mind (Richard M. Jones);
Corrine, Corrina (Bo Carter)