KWT featuring Tom Washatka

KWT featuring Tom Washatka

 Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

Group: KWT4.
Lineup: Kevin Wells, bass; Tom Theabo, guitar; Tony Taylor, drums, Tom Washatka
The project: With a history that began in college more than 20 years ago, the trio combines instrumental jazz with elements of R&B, funk and pop.
Taylor, on the music: "It's so much more timeless than what a lot of the current top 40-type music has to offer," he said. "It sounds just as fresh today as in 10 years from now as it did 20 years ago."


The career of KWT4 is long, varied and continues to evolve at every turn. Their music has captivated audiences throughou...t the United States. And has built a loyal following by never doing the same thing twice. Combining jazz with elements of R&B, and pop music. Tom Theabo has been a guitarist/arranger/writer for more than 35 years. A full time musician and teacher, his style is a unique voice in the jazz world and immediately recognizable. His recordings are numerous. He has been featured with Grammy nominee, Chris Swanson and John Harmon on the 1985 release of "Sweet Thunder" on the Sea Breeze label. He has shared the stage with George Benson, Chuck Mangione and Gene Bertoncini. He has also collaborated with Janet Planet over the last 25 years. He continues to shape his artistry on guitar as well as an arranger and song writer. Some of his original arrangements and songs can be found on his recent Stellar release, "A Fine Sample". He has also collaborated with Janet Planet in recording the "Consequence of Two" CD as well as the live performance recording "Get Happy". In 2000 and again in 2003, he toured Japan and helped to form the first "Fraternity of Musicians" between jazz musicians in Japan and the U.S. Kevin Wells first performed professionally in his home town of Chicago over 35 years ago. Playing Blues and R&B in smoky south side blues clubs as a high school student, before attending the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. While in college, he met drummer Tony Taylor, and began playing in college talent shows and jam sessions. In 1980, together with Tom Theabo, Janet Planet and Dave Janke formed the R&B band, Body Talk. Afterwards, he performed with the progressive guitar rock band Maxgain. And then, as a founding member of the seven piece smooth jazz group Playtime. Most recently, he spent five years as a member of the Brenda Theabo Quartet, and then, as band leader of The Kevin Wells Project, which reunited the members of KWT4. Tony Taylor has perform with Chris Swanson and John Harmon on the 1985 release of "Sweet Thunder" . He also shared the stage with Chuck Mangione, as a member of the ground breaking Jazz fusion group "Fire and Ice" with John Harmon, saxophonist Tom Washaka, and bassist John Gibson. Afterwards, he ran a successful recording studio, before returning to performing as a member of the Brenda Theabo Quartet. And now as the rhythmic backbone of KWT4.

Set List

Ain't No Sunshine
Bill Withers

Beautiful Love
Bill Evans

Big yellow taxi
Joni Mitchell

Black Orpheus
Louis Bonfi
Blue Bossa Joe Henderson
Boss City
Breezin George Benson
Bright Side Life Pat Metheny
Come Together
The Beatles

A. Jobim
Don't know why
Norah Jones

Dry Cleaner from Des Moines
Joni Mitchell


Four on six
Wes Montgomery

Good King Bad
George Benson

Harvest for the world
Isley Brothers

Hello it's me
Todd Rundgren

How long will it last

I Feel the earth move
Carol King

I wish
Stevie Wonder

If I ever lose this heaven
It's too late
Carol King
Pat Methney

Latin Brother
George Benson

Let's stay together
Al Green

Mercy Mercy Me
Marvin Gaye

Message in a bottle

Mm mm good
Joyce Colling
Nature Boy Eden Ahbez
On second try Tom Theabo
Set them free

Son of a preacher man