KyAir Chi

KyAir Chi

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Listen to KyAir Chi’s music and one experiences an eclectic fusion of pop, spoken word and urban folk. KyAir Chi delivers a fresh and unique sound that is not easily forgotten.


The definition of “Chi”: The vital life energy or force thought to be inherit in all things.

KyAir Chi’s music captures the essence of his name. It is difficult to define Chi concretely. Chi cannot be touched or captured--yet it is felt. It is a force. So describes the sound of this ambitious young artist, KyAir Chi

Born June 30, 1987, KyAir Chi (birth name, Devin Jett) is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up listening to hometown musical greats varying from Eubie Blake, Billie Holiday and Dru Hill. Since the tender age of 3, he has been performing for family members to such videos as "Thriller", by Michael Jackson. At 10, he won his first talent competition in Wilmington, DE. Armed with a composition book in his hand, became practiced in the daily journaling of his life perspective. This discipline ultimately evolved to reflect his love of music and his natural talent for songwriting emerged. In this capacity, KyAir's pens all of his lyrical content which showcases his versatility as a vocalist and songwriter.

The development of KyAir Chi’s eclectic timbre can be traced to his musical influences who were, and are, diverse and extensive such as Michael Jackson, Darius Rucker, KJ Denhert and Brandy , just to name a few. These influences helped to shape and define his lyrical style and creativity.

“The one word that DOES NOT describe KyAir Chi’s sound is the word: “ordinary.” His style, lyrics, vocals are unto themelves. "KyAir is an unordinary and refreshing talent to behold”, Manager, I. A.M. Music Group.

KyAir is currently preparing to release his debut EP which encompasses his unique sound and original music. This EP incorporates KyAir Chi’s sense of music, self and style which have profoundly contributed to his musical development. The songs provide a blend of KyAir Chi’s mellow vocals, punctuated with elements of pop, spoken word and urban folk.

KyAir is unwavering in his continued effort to build a national fan
base and share his musical insight with the world. His mom proudly touts, “It looks like an appreciation for his talent is growing. Now his fans can experience the gift that I’ve been privy to for so many years.”

Keep an ear out for KyAir Chi and be sure to check out his music page at for further information on the artist and his forthcoming EP.



Written By: KyAir Chi

On… (5x)
Verse 1
Let me start by telling you I’m firing you from the job. Clear out your dressing room ripped up your contract so get gone.
Always running around chasing them clowns when I was out grinding putting it down. Your time is up now< you fucked up now. Silly of me to think you would execute the roll efficiently, saddened by this so…so
But the show must go on (2x)
This is your final curtain call,
I want more no more encores!!
Verse 2
You’ve out stayed your welcome, your washed up, no deals or fan support no more. I admit I thought you were a qualified candidate, I was wrong.
Realized this whole time we were living a lie and the question is why oh why to keep the fans happy, no press or paparazzi. Not saying I’m perfect I made mistakes fucked up but never gave up hey……you did
Hook (1x)
The requirement for this position is inspirament. You lack control, pazass and most of all confidence. So here’s my card maybe I’ll let you try out again later on down the road…
Hook (2x)


"Encore" featured on,, Baltimore, Maryland, and iHeart Radio. (written, produced and vocals)

"Irritated" Prince Sole f/ Ky'Air Chi featured on of of Los Angelos, California

Anti-Love (Written, Produced, Vocals)

Pepsi and Kool (Written, Produced, Vocals)

Unreasonable Doubt (Written, Produced, Vocals)

Brain Sick (Written, Produced, Vocals)

Body Electric (Written, Produced, Vocals)

Heart Attack (Written, Produced, Vocals)

You Are (Written, Produced, Vocals)