Ky Babyn

Ky Babyn

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN


Ky Babyn brings a rowdy performance that will have you stomping your feet and shaking the tables. This rural Alberta boy sings about swinging hammers and drinkin' whiskey with an intense percussive, yet poetic lyrical style.

Born and bred in St. Paul, Alberta, he has passionately pursued performing in music and dance. Upon relocating to Edmonton, Ky focused on the backwoods of his upbringing. Now composing timeless songs woven with the stories of olden days, he is lyrically driven and sure to inspire.

During his debut year, Ky has had the opportunity to perform at local prestigious events such as The Calgary Stampede and the 2010 Edmonton Grey Cup Festival. He has also been nominated as a finalist for the Edmonton Music Awards in three catagories: Best Solo Artist, Best Roots/Folk Artist and The Peoples Choice Award, with winners being announced on March 27/28 of 2011.

His music features infectious hooks backed by a gunfighter guitar tone reminiscent of the wild west. Generating rhythms of the railway with harmonica and guitar in hand, Ky echoes the soul and sound of a home grown Canadian song writer.


Ky Babyn - I'll Work For Whiskey (Released 2010)
Great Northern Revival-Notes From The Edmonton Underground Vol 2 (Released 2010)