One Pennsylvania boy meets one New Orleans girl both sharing an intense passion for all forms of music join forces to create a moody and explosive blend of rock and post rock with a tinge of southern soul.


Angela was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and has always been involved in the unique and vibrant art/music scene that the city is known for. She's a multi-instrumentalist that has a knack for conveying a strong sense of emotion and excitement. Her influences fly across the board from Pink Floyd to Wolf Parade to high on fire.
Nicholas is from Wilkes-barre Pennsylvania and moved to New Orleans slightly before hurricane katrina. His influences range from Peter Gabriel to Explosions in the sky to Baroness.
Kyjote takes all of their influences to the next level and seamlessly integrates them to combine a sound all of their own. They are a force of nature!


One album called Pare.

Set List

We typically string together multiple compositions in parts or movements rather than songs, normally a set would average around 30 minutes but we are very versatile and can cut it short or extend it as needed.