Kyla Hanna

Kyla Hanna



Kyla Hanna began singing before she was talking. She spent many hours a day listening to her mother’s vast variety of music and wanted to emulate the singers she heard. Kyla didn’t know it then but this was the beginning of a love for music that would define her path in life. In elementary school she excelled in creative writing and poetry. It was then that she began to write and sing little songs for her friends. Later in her early teens Kyla took part in choir and a local children’s singing group, but kept her solo singing private due to an overwhelming shyness. It took teaching herself guitar and a strong desire/will to get Kyla to debut herself as a singer songwriter. She began playing her own songs and covered ballads for open mic at local coffee houses and festivals in the Bulkley Valley. This led to her first recording, at age seventeen, of the English ballad “The Railroad Boy” for the Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society’s “Not for the Money” compilation album. Kyla continued to play and write music after she left home and traveled throughout B.C. finally settling in the Kootenays. She attended the Selkirk College Music program in Nelson B.C. where she gained experience on stage and learned to overcome her powerful stage fright. After music school Kyla played in a few local bands while continuing college to become an Early Childhood Educator. In 2004 she applied for and received a grant from the Kootenay Cultural Alliance and her local arts council to record a CD of her original songs. In 2006 after the birth of her first child, Kyla’s CD “Bell” was manufactured and released at a debut concert in her hometown. In 2007 Kyla’s song “All I am” was featured on a compilation CD of Kootenay artists called “Sound Vibes 2007”, produced by Serpico Records in Thagum B.C.. Currently Kyla is working on building a small studio of her own to record another album of original music. In the future she plans to use her studio and musical talents to aid other budding musicians by providing them with recording experience and showcasing their talents on a demo at little or no cost.


"Bell" cd 2006 on cbcradio3
song " all I am" featured on " kootenay soundvibes 2007" compilation cd