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Kyle Adem

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter




"A Bright Eyed Mountain Goat"

Songs full of religious imagery, of personal angst, a confessional style, sound familiar?
It does, and his voice isn’t that far from John Darnielle’s either, and at times he even adds Oberst vibrato (‘Samual Son’). Can you imagine Oberst writing a song entitled ‘Insignificant’? Of course you can. To be fair, Adem may be piecing his songs together from scraps of others (and who doesn’t) but he does still claim them for his own. His zeal and conviction are totally convincing.

Judging from these songs, Adem has been scarred by his bible studies; religion isn’t a source of comfort to him, more a source of conflict and pain. ‘Sunlight & the Sea’ is a litany of guilt and rebellion, this religion is search for answers to the wrong questions. What helps Adem is an eye for detail, he embellishes with horns and strings, sparingly. ‘Brothers We Grow’ is piano based as opposed to the majority which are guitar based, it is also gentler with the cello adding its sad timbre. I’m happy to listen to Adem wrestling with his demons in the shape of his songs, here’s hoping he triumphs. - Americana UK

"Kyle Adem Album Review 2012 Armour"

Kyle Adem is a folk musician from Gastonia, North Carolina, who dropped out of a buisness administration major to pursue his own creative goals. I find myself drawn to this sort of character - people with that extra bit of determination to shun the stereotypical school-college-job-retire route for something risky but rewarding.

Across his work I hear a number of influences. ‘I’ll Get Back To You’ and ‘Glorious’ are reminiscent of The Mountain Goats, ‘Brother, Follow’ has suggestions of Andy Hull and ‘Sunlight & The Sea’ is much more of a rock song, something that Jeremiah Nelson might have made. This isn’t to say that Adem does not have his own sound, the comparisons merely show how varied he is able be.

Adem is a storyteller and his songs are richy created with a passion and anger. ‘Brother, Follow’, standout track on the new LP Armour, highlights this perfectly; An age-old disatisfaction with society, exasperation at the situation all underpinned with with a yearning for something, a hope that prevents the song from being downright violent but rather a furious wish for better.

Armour is due for release on July 24. Previous released can be bought here. - Wake The Deaf

"Notable Album Release"

You continue to stand out on that rickety porch at night. You can see everything and no one sees you. The observer. And someday you’ll tell your children that you had the world by the balls. - Knox Road

"What's so good?"

What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | June 27th, 2012

Here we have Kyle Adem, a dark folk musician who is encompassing a gorgeous style of modern day indie folk.

“Brother, Follow” is taken from Kyle Adem’s upcoming album armour. out on July 24. The track opens up with a twangy guitar and distinct beat. Not long after that enters the vocals, which are attractively raw and slightly quivering. This song has a lot of conviction and a message to express; there’s a sense of despair and anguish weaved within this track.

Little known Kyle Adem has the talent and potential to gain a mass following. Now is the time to give this track a listen and look forward to his album armour.! - Indie Shuffle

"Mad Makerel's Best Of the Year... So Far"

Kyle Adem – Brother Follow
Unlike Brains this was an instant hit. A real earthy campfire ditty with a grotesque sentiment I fully approve of. I make no apology for repeating the line MM brought to our attention in late April. ‘So our sisters became whores, and our brothers savage carnivores, devouring the bodies of our fathers’. Well that got my attention… and I’m pleased to report the quality of musicianship effortlessly matches the lyrics. Building in to a stomping climax sung with a equal parts desperation and aggression it may well be my song of the year so far. Kyle Adem I salute you sir. - Mad Mackerel

"Kyle Adem ~ A New Religion"

After listening to the haunting yet beautiful songs and music of Kyle Adem, it should probably come as little surprise to learn that this is the music of a man with a deep spirituality.

Kyle is still only 23, yet his mature, intelligent and highly original songwriting tell of a man of twice the experience.

Perhaps it is the rejection of not one, but two forms of religious expression already in such a young life that informs this deep, passionate ability to tell a story through song that cuts to the very essence of the human condition. Perhaps Kyle is just touched with that gift that only the true poets have.

Perhaps it’s a bit of both. But whatever the reason, this young man’s debut album on a label – ‘Armour’ – is a folk tour de force of unusual depth, breadth and power.

The songs on Armour may be sparsely arranged and sung in a simple, no-frills style, but like all great music, they have hidden depths that only repeated listening can reveal.

All human life is here: joy, despair, religion, death and, of course, love.

Aided by the extraordinary, subtle production of Dylen Terflinger, Armour is a masterpiece of alternative folk.

But Kyle did not get here overnight. This New York native has paid his dues performing hundreds upon hundreds of gigs with a variety of bands since his mid-teens. He has also written music for film and performed on radio.

Yet this album – out June 5th 2012 as the debut release from Ghost Motel Records – is the true artistic culmination of his life so far.

It is an important record to Kyle, but it is just as likely to be an important record for the thousands of listeners who will hear what he has to say, and understand it.

Because ‘Armour’ is the sound of a great, young songwriter finding his true voice. And that’s something there’ll always be an audience for. - Beatwire PR

"Kyle Adem, Friends and a Night of Storytelling at Jazz Central"

A wintry January evening reunited friends who began their songwriting journeys together. Jazz Central, a 78 seat theater owned and operated by Central New York’s Jazz Arts Foundation, hosted the trio of musicians getting together to play their songs while sharing the stories behind them.

Three artists occupied the stage atop stools for the evening. Amplified acoustic guitars accompanied each. Ben Fiore, Mike McKay and Kyle Adem arranged themselves to match the flier, cords trailing across the stage into darkness. The performance progressed in a round, each guitarist taking turns while they talked, laughed and shared with the audience.

Two pieces at a time, friends cohabited the space, successively filling the room with vibrating strings and vocal chords. McKay shared his start in songwriting, encouraged by the men surrounding him on stage years later. Meeting one another at Lock 24 in Baldwinsville while playing Tuesday night open mic, their growth as musicians helped push one another to become better as well. Thursday night they came together again after walking their separate paths.

McKay introduced Kyle Adem as the most talented musician he knew. A soft chuckle slipped from Adem’s mouth, a few jankey chords wincing from a guitar adorned with Hebrew written in fluorescent pink duck tape. A more melodious sound emerged, bespectacled eyes staring down in concentration for a moment before turning toward the waiting microphone.

Drawing inspiration from his sojourn through life’s winding trails, Adem’s music reflects the realities of a young man searching for his place in our world and an understanding of the deeper mysteries surrounding existence. Words about love, life and the inner struggles each person must face blend soulfully around harmonies bursting from fingers firing across waiting strings. A self assured baritone capable of reaching the high notes creates a sound that overtakes the space.

Family and friends were in attendance. Arem changed his set list at the request of his father, captivating the audience with an intense piece. Humor and romance characterize many of his compositions while another reflected on the shortcomings of his fellow man. “People will be people. Regardless of their creed. And the rich and the poor man both annoy me equally.”

Folksy in the best possible way, Adem’s writing exudes Americana. Somewhere between the Tennessee hills and the rolling plains of New York a sound was born to express the soundtrack of experience, good and bad, happy and sad. Time rolls on heedless of our manic attempts to control it. Thursday evening a young man radiated his honest attempts to arrange life’s variance in verse.

Finishing his songs, Adem mentioned the release of an album in May. Through three girls, two religions and the death of his producer’s mother the record persevered. House lights up, fans and family rose to congratulate the trio on their performance. Three friends thanked everyone for coming as attendees exited to brave the snow swirled darkness. Musicians collected their belongings, closing down the stage and a successful reunion. - Kendrick Pangman

"Novaks Top 10 Must Hears"

Kyle Adem. I heard Kyle last night at Jazz Central with Ben Fiore and Mike McKay. At first, seeming shy and funny, his music takes on an entirely different character, solemn and beautiful. I was surprised and impressed. - Jessica Novak


Family Of Strangers EP 2010
The Living Room Tapes LP 2011
armour LP July 24th 2012
[syracuse] LP May 17 2013




Everyone here drinks from the same cup: uncertainty.

Kyle Adem is a tireless storyteller with a whole lot of questions. While he may not have all the answers, it doesnt stop him from tenaciously searching. After putting six studio albums and his old moniker, 4:thirtyseven, behind him, his upcoming record, armour., is the result. Drawing from diverse legends like Johnny Cash and Lou Reed, as well as modern indie rockers The Mountain Goats, Adem marries his own blend of orchestral and reflective folk, with a punk edginess.

The upcoming album, [syracuse] is a sonic and lyrical departure from Kyle Adem's previous album, armour. While his writing still resonates in his same beautifully unique style, this record is a descent into a choice to part with faith and an initial reaction of chemical dependency. Fans of armour. may be surprised by the amount of edge packed into in [syracuse], but in no way should that keep them from digging into its musical core.

Look for Kyle Adems album, [syracuse] on May 17th by Ghost Motel Records.

Record Label : Ghost Motel Records

General Manager: Dylen Terflinger

Booking: Kyle Adem & Dylen Terflinger