Kyle Bennett Band

Kyle Bennett Band


The Kyle Bennett Band, a blend of Texas Country and Southern Rock with an edgy feel that has yet to leave an audience dis-satisfied. Keeping true to their Texas roots, this young, talented band has kept Texas eager to see what they will do next.


Two heartaches and one bottle of whiskey, is how the KBB got started. John Seidler (lead guitar) and Kyle Bennett (rhythm, vocals) sat down as two strangers with one story to tell and they have done just that. Practicing on weekends and in spare time the band began to write and compose the music that so many people have grown to love. With changes in the work, the KBB was about to get the line up that has brought them to their current point. Beau Brauer (drums) and Chad King (bass, vocals) have been the perfect combination for the bands success. Now with new life and ambition. The band has began to explode faster than anyone could have ever imagined. With their single "Adios" on the radio waves and their now new C.D. release. Texas is sure to be rocked by this talented and up and coming band. Ya'll Hold on!!


The Kyle Bennett Band-Full Length CD
Radio Airplay on 95.9 The Ranch