Kyle Blake

Kyle Blake


Kyle Blake's music is written from real life experiences. Lyrics that have beef. The sound varies from catchy pop, soul, rock, and a little R&B. Acoustic guitar along with rich and pure vocals make a smooth sound that has been compared to players like jason mraz, matt wertz, and mat kearney


I had never picked up a guitar until three years ago when i got my heart broken. Back then I was living with 6 other guys in a house so there wasnt a lot of room to “talk about it”. i dont blame them, theyre guys. So my outlet at the time was a journal and a pen. my escape was a coffeeshop down the street. I would write about everything. Soon after, somehow those journal entries became melodies, and those melodies became songs. I guess when something bigtime happens in my life I have to write about it, and for the first time those writings came out in music -- that was how i began to express what i was going through. That year was crucial for me. I learned a lot about love, i found this new passion in music, and I met my best friends. Things were good, except I was still in love with the girl who i was singing about, but she had no idea. I had to tell her, but we hadnt talked in months. One night in early summer I got the guts to pursue her again. she turned me down. Once again i was back at the coffeeshop filling the pages.
The whole story takes a few big turns later down the road, but this album only covers that first year. So then two years ago i scrounged up enough money to buy a Laptop and a cheap microphone. I moved all my clothes out of my closet and turned it into my recording studio. On a super low budget I got all the gear i needed, a bunch of instruments i bought on eBay, and threw those songs together and called it an album. These are the first songs i ever wrote. It has taken a while to release them, but its crazy how the story worked out -- because today these songs are holding the same meaning as they did three years ago. and i still scribble it all in my journal.


Late Night

Written By: Kyle Blake

theres a room still lit on fremont, its the only one bright tonight. my heart and memory is wrestling. i cant get you off of my mind. i had to put away the pictures-guard my heart from more pain. is that an angel singing? oh to hear that piano play.
how can i think of moving on when you still move me?
maybe its the holidays-walking on the plaza lights holding hands. do you remember ice cream in december? youre so beautiful and that i will never deny. gorgeous never looked so good. youre smile those big brown eyes.
now i see all the stupid things i did. makes me wonder if we're meant to be. all i know is he, the lord, is faithful and we'll know in due time. it doesnt make this easy though. i just dont know.

Summer Girl

Written By: kyle Blake

ive been missing things of the past. i wish we could get back to the summer last.

pull up to your house were gonna hit the town. we dont know where we're going and the windows, theyre down. plaid shorts, collar popped, i'm just doing my thing. you look cuter than ever wearing sweet pea in jeans. you know we'll end up at that mexican place leave with a handful of mints. i can already taste that green gum of yours at those red stop lights. oooh, nothin wrong with that-those were so nice.
but until we get there lets just enjoy the ride. because its just me with my summer girl at my side.
summer girl, bahama mama maybe we'll get to go there someday.
summer girl lets go
in the sun we would bum by the pool. after play. get your glove playing catch, keepin cool in the shade. you'll get close to brown, i'll burn a shade of pink. sheridans custard every night of the week. writing notes with roses- anonymous. must be another admirer, but he dont love you like me. movies and concerts, cutting grass and taking naps. five dollar pizzas. breadsticks too? oh my bad
we'll go to church on sunday morning. have a picnic in the afternoon. just a blanket in the grass. pb&j and juice box-oh so smooth.
summer girl i've been thinkin lately, jamaica or hawaii
summer girl lets go
late nights in the park. whispers in the dark. that truck has seen some good times. the clock tells us we gotta fly. i'll be sure to kiss you on the forehead before you dissapear inside.
waikiki to miami. sunny day on a beach-- i see the wind blowing in your hair. dont know where it is but baby lets go there.

Kansas City

Written By: Kyle Blake

i'm home for the weekend. i had time to make my way around town. i drove by your house tonight, now im flying down the highway with the windows down. its dark its getting real late, but this whole town still shines you and me. that place and that date. i got john singing "back to you" on repeat.
i must have been easy to get over. i feel like the only tears shed are mine. sorry i wear my emotions on my sleeve, but i think that i have that right. because you know you had my heart. those years were a heavy fraction of my life.

the buildings and cars fly by, it feels like i'm standing still. we were set on forever. tell me, is this real? i'm screaming out the window "i'm still in love with you" pushing 90 on the highway. i'm still in love with you.

when i get back to my room i'll do what i do best-- sit at my desk and write you. a song. cus lately my outlet is this pen, my only friend. yeah this paper is the one i talk to. this journal has been good to me. it listens quietly, silently. i find me in me the kind of things that i feel in the real but here i am completely free. this is what you really mean to me. these pages are screaming but you havent heard a word. you havent read a single word.

15 of 9

Written By: Kyle Blake

step out the shower feel like going somewhere, so i throw on some clothes and i mess up my hair and i look halfway descent so i'm thinkin about calling you. that will fall through. i'll head up to java and read and write for a while. youve taken up a lot of pages in this journal. i hang up after i dial
what would i say? we havent said a word in months
this is the hardest thing i've ever done. since that night on highway 177
i havent heard you laugh in so long or that little sigh you do after youre done. now youre thinkin south and i'm headed west. california here i come, you always liked the islands best. i think i might be hearing something. then again it could be the wind. but this breeze is pickin up and i'm hearing "fall in love. fall in love all over again"
this is the hardest thing i've ever done. since that night on highway 177.
i dream of you every night. no more you and i, since fifteen of nine.
what can i do?
will i ever stop loving you?
what could i say to you to speak my mind?

Holding Doors, Pulling out Chairs

Written By: Kyle Blake

not a cloud in the sky, make it easy for us to see the stars tonight. lets drive down the parkway till we get to the place where the streets know our names. where we had our first date and anniversaries. we'll race up those tall stairs. i'll let you win, i dont care if you tease me. you say "it was easy". we'll eat till were stuffed and waste no time hittin the town, just walking round.
window shop in stores we cant afford. pulling out chairs and holding doors to show you i care. cross the street, oh man this is it. my hearts pounding, i am scared to death to hold your hand.

let me take you out tonight. you know we'll have a good time.

thousands of fountains for us to throw coins in. theres way too many and i'm out of pennies. all of these people are smiling as we go to the factory for cheesecake and coffee.
live music playing on balcony porches up above. on our way our path is lit by torches here we come. i'm dying to tell you, but we're holding hands and that was hard enough. youre playing hard to get, baby i'm gonna call your bluff. i gotta say this-- i love you.
maybe you'll say yes but maybe you'll say no. i dont mind, i dont mind.

Time Bomb

Written By: Kyle Blake

i'm not ok with this. i keep telling myself to suck up my pride "youre worth it." 2 wrongs dont make a right, and i'm not saying i am, but i just know youre wrong.
how long did you think it'd take to find out? the silence would break. hush hush you keep it from me. you lied straight to my face. youre sour words i still taste. hush hush you keep it from me.
i am the victim this time, but youve got me scared i'll miss my big chance get back together and miss out on all that is better than this place i am now. will you ever let the truth out? till then i'll just write another love song. see what happens as im sitting on this time bomb.
no disrespect-hes not your type. just thought i'd throw that out there. i know i'm gonna regret saying that but i wont go back on my word like someone else i know.

i'm sittin on this timebomb, waiting for it to blow.

pull the pin to this grenade. not much longer i can take. will you bend? will you break? or play it off? play it off.
play it off like this never happened.
i wish this never happened.


Holding Doors, Pulling out Chairs is Kyle Blake's debut album. All songs were written, and recorded by Kyle himself

Set List

I usually play 8-12 original songs. I like to keep the crowd guessing, so i'll mix my setlist up between fast and slow songs. i'll put a bouncy pop song next to a heartfelt ballad to show my many writing styles. I hate when a bands show looks the same the entire show through. DONT BORE THE CROWD!! I feel like i'm good at keeping their attention, and always bring a good performance. I think the live show is one my strongpoints.