Kyle Bynoe

Kyle Bynoe


Award winning gospel artist Kyle Bynoe is truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of urban gospel. Having written for the genre's most noted players, the artist, producer and songwriter is preparing to release his long-awaited solo debut, "The Kyle Bynoe Project" in August 2008.


Simply put, Kyle Bynoe is a breath of fresh air to the gospel music industry. Gifted as a producer, songwriter and arranger, Bynoe walked a rocky road before finding his musical and spiritual destiny. Few would have imagined that the Ossining, New York native would have become one of the music industry’s brightest rising stars with a list of credentials that includes writing for such mainstream artists as Will Downing, Howard Hewett and Mary J. Blige, along with three 2008 GMA Dove Award nominations including Traditional Gospel Album of the Year. This minister of the gospel with his group Praise already turned the music community upside down with a 2005 self-titled debut. But now this amazing and sold-out man of God returns with a brand spanking new solo effort called The Kyle Bynoe Project.

Growing up in New York, Bynoe was exposed to a variety of cultural and musical influences. All of them are reflected on Kyle’s new project. Smatterings of pop, urban, Latin, R&B, hip hop, CCM and gospel are part of this CD’s musical landscape. One reason the artist includes a palette of sounds and textures is because his goal is to reach those outside of the church instead of just singing to the choir.

“I just don’t want to reach the church, but I want to reach the nations,” says the singer. “Although this project is a praise and worship project, I want tap into those who don’t normally listen to praise and worship. For me it’s about reaching the lost.”

But he’s not just concerned with the human aspect. “I’m trying to project songs that tap into the heavenlies. With this CD, in particular, I’ve endeavored to use the word of God in these songs. My true goal is to touch the heart of the harvest, but most importantly, touch His heart first,” says Bynoe.

His passion for reaching the heart of God is clearly apparent on the CD’s lead single, “Favor”. The song came to Bynoe prophetically while listening to one of his pastor’s sermons. An up-tempo track, the song speaks about God’s unexplainable kindness. With lyrics like, “I’m walking in favor, God’s given me; it’s so divine, right on time, destiny; Everywhere I go, blessings are falling down on me,” listeners can’t help but feel the positive vibes from the urban grooves flowing from this track. As a matter of fact, the track is so smooth, it gets two funky renditions in addition to the original: the club remix and the old school version. The artist plans to hit gospel and mainstream (including urban A/C) radio with the diverse sounds of the single.

Throughout the CD’s twelve tracks produced by Bynoe, Vencott R. Palmer and Kevin Deane, Bynoe keeps the Lord as the focus of this musical collage and uses the CD as a platform to minister. Another powerful cut is the lyrically-driven “This Is The Day”. Kyle understands the power of music and scripture. “When David wrote something, he then sung it. It was then that it became one with his spirit,” explains Bynoe. “Songs and music are so important. If it’s the wrong word, that spirit can taint you. We have to make sure that we have positive confessions.”

And his new CD is filled with nothing but positive confessions and an undying hope. It was that same hope that steered Kyle in the right direction when other influences would have chosen a different path for him. Basically, Kyle grew up in a single-parent home raised by his mother. His relationship with his stepfather was “touch-and-go”, according to Kyle, which most likely contributed to his wild and rebellious side. Fortunately, he had three strong uncles who looked out for him helping him not to stray too far. But most importantly, these father figures poured into Kyle the gift of music.

Under the guidance of his Uncle Lee, he purchased his own keyboard and taught himself how to play. Later on, he met Chip Taylor, writer of two 60’s megahits, who took Kyle under his wing. Working with Chip at his studio gave Kyle his first taste of the music industry and eventually, he was signed to an 8-year songwriting contract with EMI Music. Later forming Jon Doe Muzic Group, Kyle has been privileged to write hits for such mainstream and gospel artists as Mary J. Blige, Will Downing, Tina Turner, Christopher Williams, EnVogue, Angie Stone, Howard Hewett, The Winans, and Mighty Clouds of Joy.

Although Bynoe saw much success in the music industry, eventually he suffered burnout from the rigors of the business and walked away – but thankfully it wasn’t for good. After restoring a broken relationship with the Lord and becoming active at his church along with his wife, former mainstream singer Tiffany – known as Tene’ Williams – Kyle started writing again penning tunes to be sung in church prayer meetings.

That was the start of Bynoe’s renewed musical inspiration. Shortly after, he was led to form Kyle Bynoe & New City, an urban youth ensemble. After a conversation with Raina Bundy of Waymaker Records, the group eventually morphed into


The Kyle Bynoe Project, 2008 (TBA)
Kyle Bynoe & Praise, 2005