Kyle Cease

Kyle Cease


Most booked NACA attraction in recent history! His notable roles in "10 Things I Hate About You"(Bogey Lowenstein), "Not Another Teen Movie" (the slow clapper), and a current project, the indie feature, "The Hand Job" makes Kyle everyone's favorite nerd.


By the age of 21, the comedian Kyle Cease had toured nationally, won the International Giggles Comedy Competition, placed in the finals of the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and completed his first major movie role.

Kyle was soon cast in 10 Things I hate About You, and upon release of the film, moved to LA, and won Comedy Central's Laugh Riots Hollywood Competition. Next, Kyle made his first television appearance on The Martin Short Show. Kyle also made a memorable appearance in the Columbia Pictures parody feature Not Another Teen Movie as "The Slow Clapper."

Recently, Kyle completed shooting the independent feature The Hand Job, and has also appeared on UPN's hit show One on One, Vh1's Super Secret Movie rules, and his comedy has been animated for National Lampoon's Tuned Up. This summer Comedy Central will be releasing Kyle's CD/ DVD. Kyle will also be featured on E! Entertainment's new series, Hollywood High.