Kyle English

Kyle English

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
BandRockAdult Contemporary

Kyle English is an independent artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kyle is currently promoting his EP "Indian Summer". Tracks from the EP are receiving airplay on independent stations, such as WNKU (NPR affiliate station) and ClassX Radio, both based in Cincinnati. Presently, Kyle and his band are preparing to release a full length follow up album and are booking dates in support of the album.


   After having spent a number of years playing locally, Kyle English independently released the Indian Summer EP and Innovitory Live EP. These releases and the subsequent videos offered a number of other professional opportunities, including a continual working relationship with the L.A. based management company, Regime Entertainment. The song "Sophia" and the new single "Don't Fade Away" are receiving consistent airplay on ClassX Radio (88.9 Cincinnati and online at, while "Four White Horses" and "Turning Slowly"  are  currently being played on various shows on WNKU (89.7 FM Cincinnati). He also performed a live, solo acoustic set on WNKU's Studio 89. A featured review in NKY Live Magazine, calls his album, "fresh...with a red hot melody". Other songs on the album gain acclaim for their "sophisticated lyric base" and "folk guitar flare". Kyle is releasing a full length album in 2015 which includes the single, "Don't Fade Away". This album continues to expand on the style that fans are familiar with, yet reflects a growth in both writing and production.


Indian Summer

Written By: Kyle English

Oh that Indian summer,
The hot, stagnant air
Walked up to the square,
I thought I’d met you there
The piano music lilted into the night,
that sweet old familiar song,
the words you hummed along

We turned, we walked down,
Michigan Avenue
She stood before me naked and afraid
And all I gave her was,
And all I gave her was,
The anger I stored away in heart

Yes Oh that Indian summer and how it seems to last and last, it will last.

We walked back to the apartment,
You put your favorite hip recorded on
I was off in my mind, my mind
You were hungry for something
And I was looking for someone new,
Someone so different from me than the one that you know
I still can’t take my eyes
I still can’t take my eyes
I still can’t take my eyes off of you and

(Chorus )

That heat don’t seem to break,
Just leave those dirty dishes in the sink
The laundry on the floor,
There will be time enough tomorrow

And I love like I ain’t never had (repeat)


Written By: Kyle English

And in the evening with the shades drawn low

You pour your glass of wine to try and clear you mind
Remembering when politics and parlour tricks were more than cheap show
Do you remember the first snow, the first snow of December
Looks so much cleaner and clearer than now that it’s March

Oh sweet Sophia I’m in need of something better than this

Your body is telling me something,
your body is telling me something,
you body is telling me something that I don’t want to know right now

I’ve seen your face before, you graced these floors
You slammed these doors
You shared my bed, my wine, you spoke your mind
You gave your time
Our bodies lied entwined unbroken by the sound
Of lovers come and lovers gone on, on and on


Turning Slowly

Written By: Kyle English

She’s lying on sheets of linen
Listing to a song play awful slow
She hears me cross the kitchen floor,
but I don’t know

I’m looking for a glass of whiskey
She looks at me for something more
Then this life that’s been shared between us

She sees that I’m starting to wonder
If her heart’s begun to wander
Is this how our life is going to be

The girl is turning slowly
The girl is turning slowly
Slowly away from me

You’re driving down her empty highway
She’s walking down your unpaved road
But there is, there’s too much space between you now
You’re looking for this girl to lead you,
Lead you home,
You’re wishing she was there to greet you
but you don’t know, no no no now


I Guess I Won't Know

Written By: Kyle English

I guess I won’t know

What going on the other side of the bed
The other end of the road
The backside of the stars, yeah

I guess I won’t know

What’s going on inside your head
Unless you tell me so

Don’t let me guess
Unless we make a show

Oh let’s not make a scene
Cause I don’t want to fight you
You don’t want to scream
I just want to enjoy these days
These long summer days with you

With you

Well it’s there and I’ve just got to get it all,
Get it all, get it all sorted it

These long summer days with you
Get it all sorted out

Four White Horses

Written By: Kyle English

And she rode out
on four white horses
one set ablaze
and three followed the main
for destinations unknown
she's travelin' solo

And he rode out
trying to track her down
with one horse, one bag
one goal, yes
for a love not in vain
he's ridin' so hard

Four white horses
can he run them down

And she road on to the future
and he's still followin' the past
the path left in dust she made
with one set on a sun rise
and one watching a sun set
it doesn't matter why she's left,
when she's gone


Tracking them is not the hardest part
it's keepin' pace with the main
when four white horses now
their hearts set ablaze



Indian Summer EP (2012); Innovatory Live Session EP (2013)

Set List

Orginal Set List:

1. Ghost
2. There is No
3. Turing Slowly
4. Watershed
5. You know she does
6. You’re still living, while I’ll keep waiting
7. Faking
8. 6/8
9. Holding On
10. Lost
11. Say you’ll stay
12. Waiting

Plus over 50 covers when needed.